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  1. All I know is its made in Poland. No FCC number, think thats only applied in the States and I bought it in Europe(and no equivalent CE number). I looked for frequency specs on wireless speedometres but found none. Surely, these devices must run on a pretty standard frequency?
  2. Matt, The data being transmitted and read is OK - its the range between the transmitter to the receiver I want to increase. Is there a simple antenna device I could make to try and increase it?
  3. I've added my bikes wireless speedometer on a micro heli. The transmitter part only weighs 3g (thin coil below the servo). I'm not quite sure the accuracy is acceptable, but the range is not. Has any one hacked such a system to increase the range. At the moment its max. 60cm and I'd like it to be at least 1 to 2m. Thanks for any ideas, links etc.
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