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  1. hi Terry! i have already worked on this project using micro controller PIC 18F242. For this project you need stepper motor , GPS receiver and transmitter and receiver to transmitt and receive GPS Data. To transmit GPS data you have to use the transmitter which is RF and communication is serial. so you can use Max Stream "Xstream PKG-R 900MHz" transceiver for your project which is serial RF Modem and can transmit or receive data serially at 9600 baud rate. but make sure that at the starting of the project you have to allign the antenna to True/Magnetic North direction.
  2. Hi! 1) I am also working on this type of project and using MPX12DP pressure sensor for measuring air speed. i have a question that when i suck at pitot tube the voltage increases so this means that total pressure increases according to graph provided in the data sheet , is this behavior true or not please reply me about this 2) my second question is this that when no pressure applied or suck at pitot tube the sensor gives me the speed of 97.2 km/hr is this behavior is true or not. please reply me about this question Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi! I want to measure the air speed through MPX12DP which has a pressure rating of 0 to 10Kpa. Is this possible to use this sensor for air speed measurement because 10Kpa is very low pressure and this pressure exists only at high altitude so if we are flying the airplane at low altitude and want to measure speed then at that time the pressure provided by the pressure sensor is not a valid pressure according to the graph provided in the data sheet. Please help me out of this problem and recommend the correct pressure sensor for this. Any kind of help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi! I am working on autopilot project and i want to add the Auto Trim feature in the Autopilot Project but i don't know the logic, that how can i do this. How would i know that the trims f Aileron and Elevator has been changed. Please help me
  5. hi! Any body knows that how to calculate air speed using pressure sensor MPX12DP .What is the method or formula to calculate it.Is MPX12DP reliable for altimeter project. please solve my problem.
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