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  1. Thanks Guys got it sorted out. I just rechecked everthing One motor appears to be faulty and the other was not making a strong enough connection. I only need one motor anyway. The other was for a spare. Thanks heaps
  2. Thanks for reponding guys The battery is a 6ah lead acid. The bikes electric start works off it so the battery must be O.K. The fan draws 3.5 amps. I ordered 2 fans and they are both brand new. I made sure the polarity was definate right. I could understand if one was faulty but not two brand new motors. These are called drastic airflow fans and will produce plenty of air flow. As for being waterproof others have used computer fans (Just not this model) for this situation because they are the only fans that will fit these bikes. They seem to last O.K This has me beat
  3. Sorry Guys this is a bit off the RC Topic and I sure could use your help. I am trying to get this computer fan to run off a 12 volt battery. http://www.svc.com/pfb0912dhe-f00.html I connect the positive (red) and negative (Black) to a battery but nothing happens. It also has a blue wire which I think is for RPM sensor or PWM. I am trying to use this as a cooling (Radiator) fan for a motor bike. If anyone could help I would sure appreciate it. Thanks Crash Pilot1
  4. Good find MR RC-CAM Ordered one last night. They have them in stock but I expect that they will sell out fast. Crash Pilot1
  5. If its light enough you could put it onboard for high def downlink and onboard recording. Crash Pilot1
  6. Mark Can't wait. Keep the info coming. Crash Pilot1
  7. I purchase some awhile back from Blackwidowav.com.. They had the male connectors and leads at different lenghts
  8. Pista Thanks for the info. Please keep us updated on your progress. Crash Pilot1
  9. Pista O.K you have my attention. Talk to me . Do you have pictures and prices. If the price is right I would surely be interested. Crash Pilot1
  10. Guys This is all I have . Hope it helps There was never a PCB layout done. Mike had constructed it on breadboard. The project was on a public forum with the original RCAP a couple of years back. Crash Pilot1 COPYING.txt
  11. The last do it yourself altitude hold project that I seen was the one from Mike P. He had the proto just about finished before he dropped off the face of the earth. I still have the circuit and source code somewhere. I would be interested in a altitude hold. Crash Pilot1
  12. eflyersteve I did not try this out because I had to take a break due to work committments. I have just started getting stuck back into it so I will give it a try. One of the programmers from work has just started working on writing some software for me. We are currently at the stage of trying to read the data dirrect from the soundcard and then we can create the dashboard and tracking software. I will keep you posted Crash Pilot 1
  13. fallenangel3k I use the tiny track smt in my plane to transmitt data back to the camera receiver via the audio channel. At the camera receiver the audio channel wires into the mic jack on my laptop. I then use packet engine pro to convert the packet data on the audio channel throught the sound card. Then I use UI-View to display my location on a moving map. http://www.byonics.com/tinytrak/ttsmt.php http://www.elcom.gr/sv2agw/pepro.htm http://www.ui-view.org/ Hope this answers your question Crash Pilot1
  14. Hello I am in the process of building a ground station and have just about finished it. The only thing that I will be missing is the sofware to run it. Currently I use the tiny track SMT and soundcard for the packet data along with the UI-view program. I am looking for a software program that has the gauge dashboard like VisualGPSXP(This program does not work with sound card) and that also incorporate the software for the tracking antenna. I have spent numerous hours looking but am unable to find anything. Last resort I have a programmer at work that is willing to help me out but he is pretty busy and this may take a while. If anyone could help out it would be greatly appreciated or advise were I can find information or source codes for gauges etc. Thanks Crash Pilot1
  15. Terry Sydney Australia. The other major supplier of conponents is rs components. http://www.rsaustralia.com Jamie Crash Pilot 1
  16. Terry I have not done any programming. I am planning on learning how but havn't had the time to teach myself. I have Matlabs 7 and Picbasic Pro but been too busy at work. Hopefully over the next year I can start writing some of my own programs but I'm not capable yet. I tested the motor cuurent and loaded it draws 30ma . It is only a very small motor with a high torque gearbox. I will source other avenues to see if I can find a 16c71. Crash Pilot 1
  17. Terry Started the turntable today. Have all the pieces done just have to file and polish them. Getting the turn rate was the hardest. The best-geared speed I could achieve was 14 turns at the gearbox shaft. Because the motor has to be offset from the centre due to the stereo jack being used for the slip rings I had to turn up some miniature pulley's on my fathers lathe with a 1:1 ratio so that I could offset the geared motor. I will be using a large o-ring for the belt. One problem I also had is that I will need the try and run audio as well which means the stereo jack is short one slip ring (has 3 when 4 is required). To over come this I turned up a plastic collar to insulate the negative part of the male stereo jack from the alloy base. Then I will use the alloy base as the negative and make an external slip ring by using the alloy-rotating disk that the patch sits on and a spring tensioned drill motor brush that is fitted to the base. Because the female part of the stereo jack has a plastic thread it is already insulated from its mounting point. So if this works it will give me 4 slip rings, which will be need for the audio channel as well. Is the PIC16C710-04/P (Farnell Part No 96243) suitable for this project? It is the only one that is available? Max 4427 (Farnell Part No 29536) I think I have narrow down which resonator is required but I am stuck with the final pick. If possible can you please advise which one on the attached file is suitable? Also in your last post you mentioned about the opamp. Is this worthwhile installing and is there and threads that you could point me too for information on how to build. I have built a pre-amp before but not sure about an Opamp. Sorry for all the questions. Still hope to other for help with the fine turning is still available. Crash Pilot1 resonators.doc
  18. Thanks Terry I will start building the turn table this week and post the pictures of my progress. Thanks for offering your help when it come to the fine tuning I will surely need it. Thanks again Crash Pilot 1
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