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We've seen significant changes over the last twenty years. Initially there were a lot of eager R/C hobbyist that built their own video systems. Allowing these creative individuals to share their work was the purpose of this site. Now the FPV market is flooded with low cost systems; Sadly DiY FPV video projects are now rarely discussed.

RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This is being announced now (March 2021) so that everyone has time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

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  1. Terry Thanks for posting the pictures. I am starting to work on my auto tracking antenna this week. Please excuse my lack of knowledge but can you please advise what is connected to pins 15 and 16 on the pic in your drawing. Also is there any changes that you recommend making while I am building it. Any help or suggestion are muchly appreciated. I will be using the RC -Cam Goof Patch antenna. Thanks Crash Pilot 1
  2. I have used these connectors made by HARWIN and the Farnell part number is 307-8140 http://www.harwin.com/catalogue/search/ Harwin Part Number M50-300 Crash Pilot 1
  3. Guys Just incase anyone is interested. These module appear to run the same frequencies that are used in Australian sold receivers. Wired up my camera and took it down to the local JAYCAR store and tested it on their receivers. It worked so I bought a receiver and in the specs in the manual it lists all 4 frequencies to be exactly the same as the airwave module. The funny thing is on one channel I can pick up a FOX SPORTS pay TV channel clearly. I think one of the neigbours must have a wireless setup on the TV. Crash pilot1
  4. -TheOtherRob I have not completed the TX as of yet because I wanted to make sure it worked without the PTN78000WAS and just off a separate 5 volt power supply. I am waiting on a receiver so I can test the TX and then I will add the PTN78000WAS. I received the PTN78000WAS from Texas Instruments as a Sample. It came from overseas and arrived in about 3 days. Hopefully I will have the receiver this weekend. Crash Pilot1
  5. Mr.RC-Cam Thanks heaps I will give this ago. Your a real life saver . Crash Pilot 1
  6. Mr.RC-Cam Sorry for the late reply I have been doing some testing. I have been serching for a circuit diagram for the SMT but can't find one. They refer to the Tiny Trak 3 as being the same circuit but not in surface mount. I am looking changing the TX with a Airwave module that I have put together but can't test it because I don't have the correct frequency receiver yet. Do you think by changing the TX that this may rectify or change my problem . I will post the circuit diagram for the Tinytrk 3. Crash Pilot 1 wiring.pdf
  7. Mr.RC-Cam Thanks, I will make sure I install the right capacitors. Crash Pilot1
  8. Hello again I am building my PCB for the Air waves module. Has anyone had any experience on the PTN78000WAS DC-DC switching regulator? http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/prin...hnicaldocuments. The input will be 12volt constant from a DC-DC switching boost regulator because some of my gear runs on 12volts but I have to step down for the TX module. The PTN78000WAS will be install about 3mm away from the antenna connection were the antenna screws in and I'm concerned about noise interference. Is this a good idea ? The rest of my camera setup in still being
  9. Guys Looks like I might have found a connector to do the job. It is made by HARWIN and the Farnell part number is 307-8140 http://www.harwin.com/catalogue/search/ Harwin Part Number M50-300 I will order one tomorrow but looking at the specs and data sheet it should be fine. Crash Pilot 1
  10. Hello Does anyone have a part number or know were you can purchase the tiny connectors for these modules. I am looking for a Farnell part number because I live in Australia. But a digy-key or manufacturer would do also. Many thanks to anyone that can help me Crash Pilot 1
  11. Mr.RC-Cam Thanks for the idea. The tt smt has a variable resistor pot. I should have tried that first but didn't think of it. I will try it tonight and see if i can adjust it to work without the pre-amp. I want to try and prevent having to use a pre-amp because I have no room at all to install one. Thanks for the advise and I will let you know how I go Crash pilot1
  12. Mr.RC-Cam I bought a cheap pre-amp to test and installed it on the audio channel and it fixed the problem. Now it works perfectly but I have to find a surface mount pre-amp because I have no room left to install the standard pre-amp. Thanks for the advise on the regulator. Crash Pilot 1
  13. Mr.RC-Cam You can still hear the tiny track transmitting when the video signal is connected but the signal is covered with a slight static noise. I have not checked the voltage but the tiny track is run directly of the flight battery which is a 2100 7.4 volt Li Po and the camera power comes of the same supply through a V Reg down to 5V. The TX is powered by the same supply also but through a DC-DC Step up switching Reg. This test was done with the Plane receiver and electrics switched off. I can run the camera with the electronics and electric motor running at any sp
  14. Guys Yet another question for another one of my problems. Sorry I seem to post alot of questions and problems and don't really post anything to help others. This is because I trying to learn this stuff and don't want to be giving people wrong advise. My question is that I have a Tiny Trak SMT which is using the audio channel of my transmitter. The tiny track works perfectly and transmitts the packet information and displays location on a moving map on my PC. The problem is as soon as I connect the KX-121 camera to the video channel I get a good picture but the data stops tr
  15. Terry I will check the wiring again and do more tests tonight. It looks like what ever happened destroyed the mixer. Thanks Crash Pilot1
  16. Guys I am still installing the gear into my airframe. Everytime I get started working on it Mr RC-Cam brings out a new project so I have to stop everything to build it. The problem I have is that I purchased a GWS V-Tail mixer and installed it after the Auto Pilot and Altitude hold PCB on my V Tail plane. I turned everything on and the V-Tail was operating but very slow with stick movements. The altitude and Auto pilot were de activated. Then the mixer stopped working all together. It was working fine connected just to the receiver and Servo's but when I put the Altitude Hold
  17. Kilrah Thanks for the info on your list. Do you have any information or specs on your hong Hong system ? Thanks Crash Pilot1
  18. fallenangel3k Thanks for the advise. I already have one off the 1.2GHZ ones. I have only used this for testing and never really used it outside my house. I have a KX-121 from B/W but never really had the cash to but there 600mw. So this Active Robots module is what I need. About 2 years ago I purchase the 2.4GHZ set in the picture of my last post. This was not a cheap Hong Kong version and was quiet expensive. The camera and TX were only 10mw so it was pretty useless for putting on a plane. The camera no longer works but I still have the receiver. I will try this receiver on the
  19. Guys Just ordered one of these TX's myself. Too good of a price to let go. I have a 3 channel 2.4 GHZ receiver. I can't find the frequency that it operates on anywhere. I know it is 2.4 GHZ for sure and about 2 years old and has 3 switches to select channels. Has anyone had and experience with the receiver in the attached photo or can anyone advise if the frequencies are standard across the range of 2.4ghz equipment? I want to try and use it with the TX I just purchase. If this is not a good choice can anyone advise a good place to order a new receiver? Thanks in adva
  20. Mr RC-Cam Thanks allot for explaining things. Makes more sense now. Crash Pilot 1
  21. Mr RC-Cam I have built the glitch counter project that you have designed so I will use that to try and aid me in my quest. I will also rely on monitoring with range checks as I add components. I know you probably dis-approve of using the same power source but it makes things easier if I can get it to work. The other reason is that if I do strike problems it will really improve my knowledge trying different thing to sort out the problems. So I hope I can gain alot of knowledge from trying this. In the event that I feel I am not 100% satisfied that i can't ge
  22. philthyy I have thought about it but space is an issue. I have started the setup and put things into place just incase I need to go this way. I will try one 2100 mha LI PO with a DC-DC switching boost regulator to drive everything for convenience. Before I fly I will be testing everything on a osc scope to see if I can see any noise. I have cut a panel in the rear of the body and installed the battery there. Buried under the battery is the boost reg. If I have problems I have allowed room to remove the boost reg and install a second pack. The battery , Boost Reg , Speed controller , Cam
  23. GL Thanks for you response. The reason I want to share the flight battery is because I'm limited to space and weight is also a issue. I have alot of gear that I need to fit in. I will be cutting access panels in the body so that I can try and get the Center of gravity right. I will try to post a picture. The predator has a pod at the front were all the gear goes and the motor is at the back. In the front I will have GPS, Altitude hold PCB, Autopilot . Tinytrack SMT , MAHI. Receiver and Co-pilot , CCD camera and 2 sub micro servo's. In the body toward the back will be speed controller ,
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