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  1. HD Quality, Amazing! Try to keep more steady What is the name of the beautiful background music? Thank you very much. tomer.
  2. Hey there! I will buy EasyStar soon, I will assemble FPV equipment. What is the best combination between brushless and prop that will give the best long range flight and stay in the air? *I don't have anything for now, just searching. Thank's
  3. Sorry about the double post... But, I've a question: Can I connent the Video Goggles direct to the remote control with 5/6/7 channel that will controlled the pan & tilt by the gyroscope beside my Video Goggles? If yes, how I do that? Thank's
  4. ohh now I understand, thank's Andrew. Because I use the headtracker I need 2 channels for the pan & tilt servos, so I can do that by a remote control with 5 or 6 channels, or by external source of another remote control with 2 channels at least, and after all one more tx for the pan & tilt system. It will be more expensive and more complicated (and heavy). Ok, now when I understand all the story I can use 5 or 6 channels at least for full operation of the headtracker control. You recommended the Futaba 7C or 9C series for good performance. please correct me if I wrong. thank's sir
  5. Ok, Thank you for the comments, You change my mind and you right, The only problem is that Futuba 7 or 9 channel is to much and useless because I will control the camera by my headTracking (Gyroscope). So all of you I assume right, so I will think about 4 channel radio and it will be great for the next airplane. Good day everybody!
  6. For the begining I will start with EasyStar without nothing, without FPV system. Because it's my first time that I go on to hold airplane in the air. So I will not take risk. For you question I don't have any FPV systems and even the airplane it self. I just learns about and searching idaes for my knowledgeability. I know my self and I know that I can flying an airplane without any problem. So, I will continue to scan the forum as you recommended. In Context of the remote control, I think that 3 channel is enough, I don't need more than 3 channels, It's cheap and do the work. Maybe I will change my mind and will thoght in another way. Thank's Tomer
  7. The truth is that this is all what I need to flying the airplane all around. I've 3 channels: throttle lever, elevator and rudder. The camera it self need pan & tilt system that will controlled by the gyroscope that affixed to my head on the Video Goggles. This is less or more the idea. I want range about 3 miles or more, the question is if the components is acceptable for my requisitions. Thank's for the comment.
  8. Hey there! My name is Tomer, 16.5 Years old. I initiated this hobby and the aim is FPV. I collected some components for my EasyStar (that will be here in the future ) I began with the following list: Airplane: Easystar Camera: KX-131 Video Transmitter: Airwaves 612 RF Video Receiver: Airwaves 623 RF Video Goggles Gyroscope: Gyrocontrol and VR Flying Kits Remote Control: Futaba 3FR ---------------------------------------------------------------- *The compenents can change while I search the best for my FPV idea. All this components arrived close to 1000$, I will go on to save money in the expected work. The aim of this post is recommendations concerning for my FPV. Thank's, and good day.
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