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  1. I am new around here, hope I can find the info I need! I want to mount a A/V cam in my nitro powered RC monster truck. I have mounted one before (the quarter sized one that runs off a 9 volt and sends to a reciever that plugs to a vcr or tv via an rca jack), but it's not what I am looking for. Ideally, I would like one that records onboard in a digital format. Weight isn't as much an issue as it is with a plane, so that might help. Does this camera exist? Is it reasonably priced? I want a quick and easy way to make lots of videos that are easy to upload and using a system that I can transfer from one vehicle to another relatively easily, and would not require me to haul an ac/dc converter and vcr around when I go out to record a video! Can anyone help?
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