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  1. Hi all , Tommorrow im hoping to conduct my first FPV Flight Im using a multiplex easystar and a FPV system from Rangevideo. I Purchased a ARCHOS 405 and the DVR STATION GEN 5 platform so that i could record my FPV flights... At first i tried to record tv just to test it and the quaility was shocking, i didn't care so much as i purchased the unit to record from the Wireless camera , however when i pluged it all in i was also met with the same dissapointment with the Quality. The images is all blury.. almost like what you see when you try to downsize a movie to email size.. also the colors is strange.. when i hold my hand in front of the camera, it comes up with patch's of red all over my hand, however when looking thru the goggles or linked to the tv its perfectly normal.... At first i thought it could have just been the camera, so i linked it to the tv and the Quality is great!!!. So where am im going wrong?? I sent a email of to ARCHOS.com ....... and well to be honest my mum was probably more helpfull!!!!! Am i missing something? Is there settings i can select to record higher quaility?? I havn't got a SD card in the ARCHOS as yet .. Does that matter? and also is the DVR station the Correct unit or should i have purchased the TRAVEL ADAPTOR instead... I have uploaded a small file to sample the quality to my computer if anyone wants to see it please let me know and i will email it straight to you if it helps with understanding my problem! Im at work atm , so ill try and upload it onto here when i get home. Many Thanks Michael
  2. IM hoping im going to get good news here... and i havn't wasted money... i just purchased from Range Video a complete PFV kit, including a head tracker apparently compatible with all radio's........ DIY and you have to solder it on... Has anyone any luck with this for a JR - 9X11 Michael
  3. Hi everyone, My names abit eager but defiantly want to become a FPV Flyer!!!!!! I'm addicted. I fly everything up to Turbine jets, as my overall goal is oneday do a FPV flight onboard my Turbine jet i appreciate i need to start small!!! hahah I was about to click the "add to basket" icon for the X-11 from RC-TECH till i noticed it wasn't adaptable with a JR radio.. Short of buying a new radio , have i any options?? i've been trying to research everywhere however no luck , so i thought i'd ask the people that know best!! Also is anyone flying a X-11 Setup?? What are your veiws , advantages and of course dissavantages. Hope someone can help. michael
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