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  1. Hi guys, Is it possible to replace the monopole antenna on the little 10mW 2.4ghz video TX's, with a nice simple dipole like the one mentioned here? Has anyone tried this? -TIA Uttam
  2. Why not? Does it affect the dielectric in any way? -TIA Uttam
  3. Thanks! Thanks for making the design available Can I use FR4 PCB for the driver element too? -Uttam
  4. Hi Guys, I built a GP Antenna for 868 Mhz, works great, but heres the problem. The antenna is pretty big, and we used thin Zinc ( Galvanised ) plated steel sheets. The result was a sort of flip flop antenna, with no strength at all! Heres what I want to do now, The reason for the thread here is to find out if what I'm doing is OK. I want to build the antenna using 1.6mm Copper clad PCB material. The construction remains the same, the spacing between the copper layers remains the same. The dielectric is still air. Will this work OK? Can I also have small plastic ( poly propylene tube ) spacers and plastic nuts and bolts holding the GP antenna together? What is the best suited antenna for LOS range? Lets say video at 2.4ghz. Will a Helical antenna work best? -Thanks, Uttam
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