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    Hi Folks

    Hi Thomas, I see your well on the way and someone to bounce ideas off I have started already on my design eg getting a base platform started currently I am working on the firmware update method. The arm chip I am playing with has a USB cell built in and just needs the code to run it. THe problem is that the current update method supplied by the IC manufaturer requires a windows driver and software that I know has had at time strange behaviour. So I am going to take an existing USB class and modify it slightly to allow the firmware to be updated. Once this is done I will get on with
  2. Dan_C

    Hi Folks

    Hi folks , just thought i would drop a line and say hello since i think in the near future i will be spending a fair time on here. I am currently taking a year out to do a masters after working for 12 years as an embedded systems designer and I am finding that a idle mind is not necessarily the best thing to have. So i have decided to start and finish an idea i have been mulling over for a long time. Basically an interest in fpv model flying. I am lucky in the fact an ex employer is willing to let me have access to the kit it has eg pcb mill, test kit etc. I will be basing my system
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