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  1. Why not just get a spy cam that only activates during motion and records video/photo to memory card, slap that on the car, heck you could hack it up and put the cam in a mirror. Why make it harder when it can be simple.
  2. Hey, doing up fpv wing. TX is on the far left, receiver is going to be on the far right of the wing. Quick question. All the pos and neg for each connection (ie servo, throttle etc) all runs off a primary on the receiver itself right? ie all I really need to do is string one pos and neg cable and then splinter it in the core of the plane with a single signal wire for each device? I figure I can shave a quite a few grams by reducing the amount of wires that need to be run 18in from 18 to 8(1 pos, 1 neg and 6 devices).Am I correct in this? Ivan.
  3. Well she's pretty much done, I think I want to make a usb outlet in the diversity box to power my lipo for googles so I don't need a laptop to charge it, etc. But now I'm having concerns, mostly about the flight to st maartens. I'm thinking security either way is going to be more and more of an issue with some of the custom mods to the video system. Ummm... what do you guys think? Think it would make it through both ways?
  4. Quick question about running sony webbie directly off receiver. It pulls 4.2v, 0.33A. Should I directly connect it to receiver power or add a resistor? Thanks in advance. Ivan.
  5. I hate putting stuff off... yet do it all the time. The thing is all soldiered together, but now I have to trim the edges of the top rx, cut the plastic post on one side of the diversity and drill some holes for this fancy new hinge I bought. Am cutting wings currently hope to do rest today. Pics will come eventually.
  6. Very cool, glad to hear it works, I was a little worried about everything so close together. I can't believe its a 1/4in too long, otherwise I would have put both directly inside the diversity, with zero issues then! As for the wires, the one is still going inside the case and is being directly soldiered to the diversity. The second that sits on top of the diversity is a little more tricky. Will have it done today and post picks.
  7. Actually mr rc, if I were to remake one of the boxes for the rx's, does the gauge matter? Also what specifically needs to be shielded, the board or the silver box that then antenna connects to? Edit point: Never mind, figured it out, one rx goes inside the diversity, the other will be Velcro'd to the top that way it can be moved when required. Together they are the proper height to add protection for the remote. Will post some photos. Ivan. Here's dimensions without foam added... 15.5x8x3.5. I'm thinking an inch o foam on each side. So +2" for all dimensions. Hopefully the
  8. More photos... saved at 800x600 and compressed, but i guess quality is still too high.
  9. I'm sure this is a bad idea, something to do with not enough space between equipment or rf stuff interfering with each other but will ask anyways. The goal is to make fpv ground station as portable as possible, going on a trip and more portable the better. Current setup is 2 900mhz rx's, diversity, googles and DX7 remote. Plus a batt or two. All needs to fit in a soft case that I'll make. The question is the RX's and the diversity. Just for fun, I cracked the diversity open, same with the one rx. Surprisingly I think I can fit both RX's directly inside the diversity with or without th
  10. Yea I have a connector cut, but it's pretty much just to activate the usb, everything else is generally on the board, so it's nice n light n compact. Will mess with it a little more tonight. I'm border line on removing the mini usb connector itself, would allow for easier work rather than trying to soldier behind the piece. Thanks for the replys.
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