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  1. Dear members

    Its wonderful to see your efforts and achievements in rc flying.Presently i m working on a model and trying to fly it out to beyond visual range.i hav installed moving map software with modems for GPS data at ground station.But i m facing problems in controlling the model atlong range.On 20 nov 09 i tried to fly uptill 7 kms.Till 5 kms every thing was alright but after that i experienced the failure in RC system and at 7.12 kms, the model crashed.

    In Rc system i m using JR XP 6102 TX and Rx on 72 mhz with yagi antenna.


    Please advise me HOW TO INCREASE THE RANGE OF MY TX?


  2. Hey, doing up fpv wing. TX is on the far left, receiver is going to be on the far right of the wing. Quick question. All the pos and neg for each connection (ie servo, throttle etc) all runs off a primary on the receiver itself right? ie all I really need to do is string one pos and neg cable and then splinter it in the core of the plane with a single signal wire for each device? I figure I can shave a quite a few grams by reducing the amount of wires that need to be run 18in from 18 to 8(1 pos, 1 neg and 6 devices).Am I correct in this?


  3. Well she's pretty much done, I think I want to make a usb outlet in the diversity box to power my lipo for googles so I don't need a laptop to charge it, etc.

    But now I'm having concerns, mostly about the flight to st maartens. I'm thinking security either way is going to be more and more of an issue with some of the custom mods to the video system. Ummm... what do you guys think? Think it would make it through both ways?


  4. Very cool, glad to hear it works, I was a little worried about everything so close together. I can't believe its a 1/4in too long, otherwise I would have put both directly inside the diversity, with zero issues then!

    As for the wires, the one is still going inside the case and is being directly soldiered to the diversity. The second that sits on top of the diversity is a little more tricky. Will have it done today and post picks.

  5. Actually mr rc, if I were to remake one of the boxes for the rx's, does the gauge matter?

    Also what specifically needs to be shielded, the board or the silver box that then antenna connects to?

    Edit point:

    Never mind, figured it out, one rx goes inside the diversity, the other will be Velcro'd to the top that way it can be moved when required. Together they are the proper height to add protection for the remote. Will post some photos.


    Here's dimensions without foam added... 15.5x8x3.5. I'm thinking an inch o foam on each side. So +2" for all dimensions. Hopefully the thing will survive the darn airplane suitcase guys! :huh:

  6. I'm sure this is a bad idea, something to do with not enough space between equipment or rf stuff interfering with each other but will ask anyways. The goal is to make fpv ground station as portable as possible, going on a trip and more portable the better. Current setup is 2 900mhz rx's, diversity, googles and DX7 remote. Plus a batt or two. All needs to fit in a soft case that I'll make. The question is the RX's and the diversity.

    Just for fun, I cracked the diversity open, same with the one rx. Surprisingly I think I can fit both RX's directly inside the diversity with or without the metal exterior case(Is this shielding?) The diversity box is made out of plastic, so I can only assume that interference isn't an issue?

    Ideas, explanations on best to go about this etc are welcome.

    Yes I know more space between antenna's would be better, but would this still work generally well?

    Thanks in advance.



  7. Yea I have a connector cut, but it's pretty much just to activate the usb, everything else is generally on the board, so it's nice n light n compact. Will mess with it a little more tonight. I'm border line on removing the mini usb connector itself, would allow for easier work rather than trying to soldier behind the piece. Thanks for the replys. ;)

  8. Ello, I have a couple panasonics striped, I want to get rid of the mini usb cable that u need to active the video out. Have spent some time on the net trying to figure this out, but no luck yet. Bellow is basic mini usb.


    I have soldiered a wire directly to the camera board for the video out, plus one for the ground. Unfortunately the video is only activated if I put a usb cable into the camera.

    Solution: figure out what triggers the usb activation.

    I had checked with multimeter, pin 4 grounds out when plugging in the mini usb to the camera board. I had soldiered a fine angle hair wire to it and grounded it against the mini usb receiver on the board. Unfortunately this isn't enough for the camera to think that a usb video cable is connected. Any of you guys come across this? Am I also supposed to put some voltage to 1? This stuff is so fine that I'm a little afraid to put multimeter to stuff live, have been checking with battery pulled.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. check out any o the fpv guys, nghobbies, rangevideo... ummm couple others, look at .5-1 watt system(900mhz, 2.4ghz, not sure about the new 5.8ghz), 1 omni receiver and 1 directional... although i think 2 omni could be better for you(omni are the antenna's straight up, directional are the other style antennas, odd looking). And a diversity box that switches between the 2 best signals. Keep antenna's high as possible and as far from electronics and metal/carbon fiber as possible.

  10. What about it keeps using same signal until it checks the rest? Essentially, say antenna 1 is good, check, check, 2 seems better, switch. Having the system lag just as it needs to until a stronger signal is detected? If say signal drops completely from 1 it just switchs to a default, say antenna 5 is omni or that second strongest signal in mem.

  11. I'm sure there's a reason as to why this isn't possible, but will ask anyways... is there anything that functions like the diversity video box, but is between the antenna and the rx? I would think it would be much simpler to have a single rx and more antennas to cover every angle, then the rx just selects the strongest signal from the array.

    More simple than tracking system etc... :blink:

    What do you guys think?

  12. Didn't realize that's how they worked, thanks for the conformation on the one camera. Some interesting builds out there. :) N very cool videos.

    btw wings don't like the cold, snapped mine off this morning -5, good thing i got 2 more! 14.99? Is awesome!

    Btw nice cajones!! 2 o those runs must o been cm's away from ur face if not mm's!! :o

  13. Hello, had a thought the other night as I'm making a multiplex fox. What would be great is a small camera, sure you can buy these but I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to scavenge from cell phones. I'm assuming the electronic parts of the camera are embedded on the board, but if the actual camera is pretty much a standard, is there such a board where u can take any cell cam and make a super light weight(still crappy compared to larger cameras) camera system for ultra light birds?

    Have done some searches, hadn't come across anything yet(I know someone has thought of this), still going through pages that are unrelated in searches... <_<


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