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  1. I'm looking at it, and putting it together shouldn't be too hard, but it looks like I have to reprogram the chip? This correct? Is there no one selling a completed kit for a reasonable price? Ivan.
  2. Hello, unfortunately I had bought a dx7 and from what I have read it won't work well with this system. I have not opened it, everything is still in packages, am looking for $90 bucks for it versus the $100 value for it. You pay for shipping, up to you how fast you want it. Here is details of what's included; http://www.rangevideo.com/index.php?main_p...;products_id=91 This is new in box, unused. Email me zeuscomputers-AT-hotmail.com if interested, I accept paypal. Thanks. Ivan.
  3. Hello, have been searching for a video switch that would allow me to switch from my front view to belly camera so I can check to see if I'm on target. I had heard rangevideo was coming out with one a while back but still haven't seen anything. And unfortunately the video switch that mr cam had on this site seems to be done a while back too. So anyone see a reliable switching system? I would prefer not to carry a second tx and still need to switch on the receiver end if I can setup something to use a channel. Thanks in advance. Ivan.
  4. Ok, for what your asking; get rid of 9v battery, not neccessary. Tap into your bec and make sure you calculate the resistors correctly for each led. Essentially find out voltage from bec, get multimeter and find out,also find out requirements of led, they are normally stated on the package as to what they can handle. Check out http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/components/led.htm#calculate regarding how to calculate resistors and how to setup leds. In terms of your switch... first of all find a switch that can do as your asking, then to trigger certain lights at each point of the swi
  5. Hmmm... yea had read that and the manual. Well will give it a try. Oh yea, sorry to ask again but having all three control surfaces best for consistency or 2 or one? Ivan.
  6. So by putting a gyro on the ailerons, the plane would always try to stay flat then? Looked up on youtube and there doesn't seem to be such an increase in stability with the gyros on the ailerons. Is there much of a difference between ir autopilot by futuba and gyro's? It seems to me that gyros can drift, atleast based on headtracker 1, haven't heard too much about version 2, just that it has no drifting. I'm kinda thinking now of going to dual autopilot for both the plane and the platform that the camera sits on. Should atleast produce more consistent video, your right about the twitchy
  7. Hello, I'm getting ready to setup a new twinstar with a hd camera on the front that will be stabilized by home made stabilizer system similar to an system from diydrones.com that will hopefully keep the camera level(up and down, left and right); http://diydrones.com/profiles/blog/show?id...BlogPost%3A2525 I'll be using the futuba setup since I don't have a drone setup. The goal is to have straight, slow curving, non jumpy videos of rivers and such. I won't be using this plane for fancy aerobatics or anything else other than it's main purpose. Here's the question, with regards to ail
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