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  1. Ahhh very clever indeed. So in order to duplicate this I would just need some sheilded wire and expose the right mm by removing shielding. Nice.
  2. I know it would look a little ugly but why not cut mount off bottom and put it on top or make a new mount on top of wings to get that extra couple of inchs clearance? Can you even use folding that big? I would have thought they were too big and would catch wing if stopped for any reason.
  3. Ohhh... i see so essentially the second antenna is still the same length, just repositioned a good 5-6in from receiver. Neat trick. Although I don't remember seeing any shielding on it.
  4. mmmm just a couple links... what ya think? http://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default...?ProdID=SPM9546 in photoshop this appears to be 4x... but because of angle it could be off by a few mm. this is the one i stuck in my dads plane recently... actually seems longer in terms of photo... should really have measured... darn http://www.spektrumrc.com/Products/Default...ProdID=SPMAR500 Any ideas? Oh one other question if I just substitute regular wire, does gauge matter? Ivan.
  5. whoah... hadn't seen the daisy chain part. Had seen a 9000 or a 9 channel one with 3 separate satillites but ... will check out. Got a link just in case? ummmm... had installed a 5 channel receiver in my dads plane a week or so ago(got him the spektrum 5 channel stuff for bday). The receiver had one antenna the same length as your 6100 but the other one was 4 times the length or so. Didn't measure it, should have... anyways sealed in fuse now untill he blows up the model bad enough can't measure. That's why I was curious whether the length could be more. Ivan.
  6. Bugger doesn't work like the 72mhz in terms of making it longer?
  7. Ahhh yea wasn't sure if it could handle video too... anyways was wondering if there was some tech already available that could essentially replace both video and controls tx and rx and be a simple unit hence everything would be on whatever mhz you chose, or is it a bad idea to have that much data back and forth?
  8. So just to get a reply... any wire will do as replacement so long as correct length? And to get better reception just double length original length etc?
  9. well can u do anything with this xbee modem stuff that i've seen a bunch of times on diydrones? Could it handle telemetry video... be low enough mhz?etc... perhaps merge everything with a plug out for a secondary antenna which would have automatic tracking? don't know too much about it, just saw it a bunch, seems to be used in downloading telemetry for aiming patch but can be used for more. Ivan.
  10. Yea... guess why not test, read thomas shcherrer(spelled incorrectly, sorry)'s long range system had antenna's laying on eachother without issue... although im sure uhf is different or something. Pita part is getting a helper to screw around for 20-30min with frs's a klick away on some street with line o site. Sounds like fun . Ivan.
  11. hm.... that's what I woulda thought the response would be. Would just be sweet to have everything in your hand, no messing aboot eh?! Anyone working on an all in one system yet? ie video and telemetry etc all in one remote? Ivan.
  12. Hello... I've been playing with the idea of hacking my spectrum, adding a couple anyvolts to it and make a plug in for both googles(which also would require hack) and a power plugin for the 900mhz rx(essentially mount a rx directly to bottom of remote where eventually a amp booster will be added too). Question is having the 900mh zrx and 2.4ghz tx so close together a bad idea? Any other concerns? Goal would be to have everything in hand, a second rx setup would be in backpack or suitcase or something for more range with diversity. Thanks in advance. Ivan.
  13. Have searched google... stopped looking after three pages of just descriptions of spectrum receivers.. Ok, I've got a few receivers that I've embedded into a many foamies. Bad things occur when pulling em out no matter how careful such as antenna's being striped on a couple. On top o that my really really small ar6300's have a single wire that is incredibly breakable as I've done one already and a second one is on it's way. The question is what material should I be looking for as a replacement? Single blade of copper? Or some other metal? Secondly should I look at extending the an
  14. Will carefully start pulling the goop off the esc tonight, will get photos and numbers then. Perhaps u guys can take a gander and lemme know what's what. I'm not going to push too many amps through it, 64 is what I need, but I know it can pull 87 amps on 14.8v(which I might do a couple times), which is why I figured it was safer to get 100a. These are burst numbers, unsure what the constant running is for the esc in the boat, would need to record wattmeter with camera while running. I don't have a data logger, if anyone asks. Ivan.
  15. Mmmm... good to know on the fets, thanks for your input terry. Kilrah, ya went a little above my head with analyzin the board, don't have that much skillz yet. Which things would I need to look at specifically to reinforce? Like the two capacitors?
  16. Btw thought of this last night. If I double the fets, or piggy back them with the same chips. I would reach my goal of 100amps. But, can the fets underneath still be cooled? I do up some alumium, slap some holes in it and add water cooling. I can cool the top layer for sure but not so sure the layer underneath would get any of the cooling benefits. Should I get some cpu tape and put that between the fets? Or any other ideas of cooling? (I'm hoping piggy backing is indeed just soldiering another fet on top of the current ones) Ivan.
  17. Gotta love branding. Will take a look see what's what. Thanks all for help. Ivan.
  18. See I love this forum, go in with one idea, come out with better way to do it. I don't need more voltage, just amps. Any tips on where to get fets, I'm assuming I need the code off one of the current chips(which is encoded in goop). Ivan.
  19. ahhh so that's what ron meant by fet's. See now that's doable.... question, I'm assuming bigger mosfets won't fit where the current ones are though, correct?
  20. yea wondered about the going from forward to back... hmmmmmmmmmmmm.................. nuts. hmmmmmmmm............I don't have enough skillz to hack the board. Plus don't have board yet, need to order it this fri when more funds are available. Perhaps would have to wait on hacking board till it comes in then. Still just kinda curious at this point, as to what it would take to have a separate board that could be plugged in between esc and motor. Obviously would need a safety so it wouldn't switch the wires till motor has stopped. See there aren't a lot of you geniuses in the rc boating wo
  21. Ok, not for planes or video(which is why I stuck it in floopydust), but using the pic switch project from rc-cam. Ok here's my dilema, just finished a little beauty rc jet drive boat. Fortunately the esc has reverse. Problem is on 11.1v amps go above and beyond esc (pulls 64 on 50 amp esc). Rather than risk the esc, am going to replace it(with 100amp in case I want to crank voltage up further to 84). But unfortunately there are no other esc's that have reverse in this amp range (yes I can do with out it but for running streams and such, it's handy, specially being on a rock). So my q
  22. yea ur right, would need a head lock gyro i guess for yaw.
  23. Get fma co-pilot, will do what your asking. I think it's 50-60 bucks. based on infrared.
  24. I think this is great and more people need to know about this... so sorry if over stepping but posted a link on rcgroups to this thread. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread....43#post10789101
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