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  1. You mean digital zoom? Most camera's the digital zoom is a useless software gimick for the camera's. Optical is pretty much what ya want, I flick off all the digital on my camera's although this hv100 hd camera's digital zoom works, but what's weird is there's a drift at that range that the camera looks like it's compensating even on a tripod. Kinda a strange thing....
  2. I like the locator but it seems the range really reduces in say corn or around plenty of obstacles, atleast that's the reports I've read. Although there are plenty of postives too. Still undetermined on it, but it really is the proper setup, I still think rons right, if we could have our tx continue to stay on even for a bit somehow even if the main battery disconnects, it would be a better way to find the plane, providing you could make a tracker, or just mess with the rx and googles. Ivan.
  3. Looks pretty good, you have pictures? Howd ya mount and reduce vibrations? I find it's pretty rare that the helicopter video's are able to remove the vibrations, seems even the professional ships still have vibrations. Ivan.
  4. Couldn't swing ur antenna around while using the googles to walk away from where it breaks up? If you have a yagi, and the video is still broadcasting you might have a chance at finding the plane. Ivan.
  5. Hmmm so screwing with more mounts to reduce vibration... perhaps will buy one to test out first before buying second, still more money than I was hoping, as with conversion, it's ... wow, $530. Btw just reading the specs, am I mistaken? Wouldn't this be 20x zoom not 100x? 10 plus 10... I've never seen it multiplied. Ivan.
  6. Wow, didn't think it was this difficult to find. Another option would be to take a regular camera that's very light to begin with and strip it down to just guts, and you end up with onboard recorder with 10x zoomish... still pretty heavy compared to an addition to the kx171. Ivan.
  7. I have a couple friends that wants to view out a secondary camera on one of my birds. Have been thinking it would be cool if he could use a camera with zoom to look around. Wondering if theres an adapter or something for the kx191 or 171 to add zoom to the camera's? If not, are there any other relatively good reasonable camera's with zoom somewhere between 1-10x maybe a little higher... Have looked around, $650 is a bit steep. Thanks for responses Ivan.
  8. Interesting... just was thinking about it after doing a bunch of searches on how to find your airplane otherwise. Seemed a lot of people that hadn't found their plane the first night needed to replace the lipo, so I figured even still it would be a good idea to have battery disconnect at some point. Perhaps you could have your esc shut down at a high point and a chip that cuts power right out at it's lowest safe point for lipo... just thinking is all.
  9. Just curious is there a little chip that shuts off power if lipo gets bellow so many volts? Yes I know the esc will do this but wondering if there's a standalone chip or whatever that would be between battery and esc or whatever draws power.
  10. In that case a locator beacon would survive once embeded, still not that much range though.
  11. Couldn't you hack something like this... http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/store/u..._300mtr)_870mhz wireless checks your cells up to 6, 300m range so you would have to fly by every once in a while. Or use it on the ground, just add the balancing circuitry and ur done.
  12. Just need a reboot eh?? It's not country, will do it alot of times from hibernation.
  13. I had tried fiberglassing this zagi 60 with a light layer(to avoid spar and be lighter than tape), unfortunately it became surprisingly brittle (one bad throw split the wing), but stiff, did use a 2100mah lipo which was nice and light but wanted the zagi a little tougher so taped the whole thing which added enough weight to the back that it needs a 3200mah battery on the front to balance it. The tape works but I`m not a fan of it, plus I try to avoid putting in a carbon fibre spar due to interference concerns. Planning new zagi tonight... how big is yoursÉÉéÉÉéÉÉÉ daaaaaaaaaaaamn it where is
  14. Yea but don`t you want it to disconnect in a zagi rather than blowing through the frontÉ darn vista!!!!
  15. thinking more about this... I`m not the greatest on capacitor sizes, I`m sure that having a capacitor that runs down in say 30 mins would be pretty huge rightÉ (don`t ask me why but vista has replaced my question mark with a E with line on top... I hate vista) anyways have been trying to devise a way that tx will stay on for 30 min after battery disconnects without having to remember to flick a switch or turn off or on something. As eventually I would forget at some point to turn on back up system.... perhaps .... or maybe an automatic switch that arms backup upon disconnect similar to lma
  16. Ah just came up with another way even if you don`t have a diversity, what about having a very focused antenna and just waving that around. Still the problem would be if battery disconnected from plane. I guess you could embed a backup battery just to the tx on the plane... ideas Ivan.
  17. Well was taking the zagi out for a spin, just finished it yesterday and testing out the video link. Worked great till I went too low over a hill, anyways drove to the the general area (just a big farmers field). Looked where I last saw the video breaking up. No luck after 5 mins, used radio to rev motor a couple times, couldn't hear it. Anyways was wondering if I could use my diversity to find the plane as it beeps every time it switches antennas(just stock rubber). Vid 1 was stronger, in fact so strong that it almost always was the chosen video input by the diversity box. So stuck that
  18. clever... not sure I have enough, but darn that might even be more crash resistent than blue core and epp. Been doing measurments, I can make an 84" just barely fit in the back of the truck. Actually in photoshop it looks like 86" is my limit. Thanks for the idea, hadn't come across it in my searches yet. Ivan.
  19. I think I'm going to stick with zagi's... or atleast do some more testing with them(so far one 4ft, 5ft, 9ft). I made a 9ft (was 10.5ft but cut it, just cause it was so fricken big) zagi outta blue core. Flies, but A. too big, need another person to throw it, and B. too big. I'm thinking of trying to setup some hot wire and make two halfs of a zagi outta 2" blue core or maybe glue 2 two inch pieces and make a four inch thick wing that's 7ft long or just a smidgen more(I think I can make 78" fit in bed o truck). I think I've been through over 9-10 airplane designs now, it's interestin
  20. Had received motors friday, finished everything sunday. Took out. Design is almost totally dependent on rudders. Crashed three times, third time I destroyed it out of sheer frustration. Was still too tail heavy even though cg was 22% with heavier motors on the front. Ivan.
  21. Will give it a try tomorrow... need a day off from it. No scope, one stator the edges are still rough even with motor epoxy specially designed to put a nice coating on, am doin threee coatings on the one stator. Tomorrow going to borrow drill press and go one phase at a time... just hope I get first correct , it`s gotta be the windings... personally I see it NSNSNSNS etc and going clock, counter, clock etc makes sense yet again there are 14 poles for 12 teeth. Which would mean there is some overlap to the next pole at some point. LRG windings look a little complicated to do, will attempt
  22. Yea, a couple times it worked but amp draw was insane for it to be pulling unloaded. It really should work, I think I`ve rewound 8 times today. Have even marked on the stator which is clock wise etc... ohms ok as always... so no shorts. I`m about done. Guru guy off other forum might have some ideas. The only thing I can`t really test is the throw motor on drill, mines a bit to slow, barely shows on voltmeter. I`m thinkin esc is screwed but it works... so no luck there.
  23. I give up. Rewound it exactly the way I did originally, which worked. No joy.kjkjfdslkja guess wait till new motors come in. Zero continuity between stator and other phases, rewound factory style.
  24. seems to kinda work, is difficult to start up(doesn't sound right), even with changing timing. And sometimes it gets stuck in a certain rpm(doesn't sound right). But once full throttle it sounds right. Rewinding to 8turns.
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