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  1. Ok, going to try again. Follow this guys idea, clock counter counter clock. Will see... would explain the smoking if some of the coils were wound improperly although whats strange is I'm doing original factory wind. Need to think about it before I rewind. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread....6580&page=4
  2. Yep, had copied that guy for one motor, not sure if I posted it but the one link is his site. New windings on other motor kinda worked, almost up to speed, then would smoke and stop. Rechecked continuity, was good. Tried again messed with timing, kept doing same thing till smoking it too many times and it shorted. kaf atleast it spun up. Took apart slowly, counter, clock, counter clock... etc. Windings were correct as original. This is weird.
  3. I know it makes no sense and ya I figured wrong forum but still some geniuses on here. Like I said motor is perfect, tested on yet another proven esc, no joy. Am rewinding the other one now see if it works in clockwise, counter, skip four and clockwise, counter, 7 turns like I want. If no luck then will rewind it to 8 turns where I've had success(which doesn't make any sense, should work anyways). Will have pic up in hour or so. zero shorts. dunno.... fasl;aslkjfds Still to me that website having all turns same way, it's proven but doesn't make sense to me as magnets are aligned same
  4. no workie. Thing is perfect. The only thing I can think off is that the motor cannot turn 7 turns wye. Perhaps it needs 8 coils minimum in wye. No prop. no load, just sits there. No spinning. Will convert other to 8 turns wye, same configuration. If it works then it's the coils, just needed more.(which doesn't make any sense) Ivan. Any other ideas, shootem out.
  5. ohms perfect... recheck winds, perfect. Completely redoing connection to "soft wires" Just solidering the brass on then do another test... dunno why there was such a difference between original windings.
  6. Ok long story short, burnt out motor, motor was originally 8 turns per coil finished in delta. New configuration, 8 turns wye. Worked. Original configuration was 2 coils wound, one opposite to the other, then skip four, then 2 coils wound opposite eachother but same as first. Anyways motor was turning too slow in configuration, went back redid it in 7 turns wye. I have redone this 5 times and no workie now. I have tested ohms, all good. Turns are all correct. Gave up on it then researched again. Found this site. http://www.strongrcmotors.com/Instructions...ong%20Motor.htm So
  7. Crappy, I didn't try the 16" although I could have, at 15X6 I'm pulling 26amps, at 14x8 24amps. Geeeeeeeeeeeez... I would like to pull 35amps. Sooooooo will rewind motor to 7 winds, see if that boosts the speed enough to pull around 35 amps. Anyone tell me this is a bad idea within half an hour o this post. Taking dag for a walk. Ivan.
  8. Ok here's good news, didn't have to rewind the entire thing. I know the omh's on the coil that died did flutter once or twice when I was testing, didn't think anything of it because I thought could see where it was touching and was putting heat shrink over that area, on top of that not sure if the coil was indeed wound the wrong way on one coil as getting it apart was a little more difficult than I woulda expected and just pulled her apart. Anyways long story short, checked other two set, wound the third. Put back together and works. Now under full throttle it pulls 7 amps. So I'm thinkin
  9. Well got her to run, original was 26-27 amps on 8x4 prop. Changed motor to 8 winds wye(is equvailant to 13.6 turns on original delta) which reduced rpm and amp draw to 14amps, so I would beable to put on a larger prop. Downside is wrapping so many poles 12 it's surprisingly hard to keep count, on top of that I have this feeling I messed one of the poles. Anyways after running for a while it burned out yet another coil, so could be esc now but also possibility of my wiring. So going to rewire again and do it better slower etc. Still good learning experience.
  10. Ok, apparently I need 24 guage to replace the 10X34 guage(sorry not 5 but 10). Umm......... magnets are positioned, nsnsnsnsns etc. Finally got all the wires out, will start tearing the good motor apart, will pickup wire tomorrow. Doing wye style, so really I can reduce turns to roughly 5 to be equvilant rpm correct? But will try to fit more turns to reduce speed of motor. And when I wire, needs to be clockwise, counter, clock, counter etc. correct? Ummm any other tips?
  11. pushed the wrong button? Good idea on rubber band, got lotsa those. the Acetone is working but it's also eroding the protective layer on the stator. Can't win.
  12. Ok, I guess what I thought was right, the coil ends where another begins. So technically this would be a delta pattern. Wye looks easier to do and I don't have to wrap so much. Currently each coil was 10x around each stator but two and two. By going to wye with 10x same design... I would be... ah crud wonder if that's possible, need to check orientation of magnets. Anyways if I do it the same way then my rpm should drop by 1.7... right? Would be good if I could swing slower prop. Will convert other motor too... if I get first to work.
  13. Geez that epoxy stuff on the coils are making it darn near impossible to get off the motor. Managed to get almost the whole one cable that burnt off the motor without too much trouble, can't seem to get the other two coils off. Stuck whole thing in acetone to see if that helps. Anyways managed to get the one cable almost off but not sure where the end dissapears too. Here's a question, is one wire from esc go out around the metal making the coils go back on itself? Essentially a loop? If this is correct, great. As I couldn't tell where the end went before I got frustrated and started
  14. one of the guys that had bought it said it was very quick response, didn't know about the high consumptions, always seems to be one downside to everything.
  15. tempting after my first few tries without the magic stuff(luminum flux). The last try I wrapped the wires with the aluminium tabs and procedeed to soldier the heck out of them till the aluminum tabs were enveloped. Needless to say, didn't work. and managed to screw up 2 450mah cells. completely off topic but any u guys see the new 1g biowire servo's at UH? Neat... so tempting to make ultra ultra light ship now... they seem to have everything to do it. Just checking... 2g servo's(2 servos, one elevator, one ailerons) 1g esc(uses 1s) 2g motor(1s) 2g receiver(for dx7) 3g batt(100m
  16. Will see if local electronics store has it, I doubt it though. No other ways eh? Can't use some bubble gum or a clamp of some style?
  17. Ok I have 6 of these laying around. I've tried my hand before at soldiering these things before and apparently the soldier doesn't stick, not even with flux. So now I'm thinking it's pressed together or something. Any idea's on how to join together and connect a couple wires up? From what I've searched theres a tool, but there's gotta be a work around or a trick. https://www.unitedhobbies.com/UNITEDHOBBIES...?idProduct=4355 They are 100mah 3.7v cells... Ivan.
  18. Some stats, wrong battery but what can ya do... 860mah 3s, 144g, 9"long by... 15" wide, 2.6g servo's, 2550kv, 9amp motor, total weight 144g. Am ordering 2s 500mah, will reduce weight down to 90-92g with 140g thrust from 4x4 prop
  19. really? very cool thanks for the tip. Btw figured if I couldn't fly the "pink monster" I'd build a smaller version... presenting "mini monster", not pink but what can ya do. Unfortunately if it's one thing or the other, am out of O-rings to attach prop. So will pick up one tomorrow. Ivan.
  20. esc is fine... I'm agreeing it's motor side... still that sucks. Pretty much good to go. The more I think about it the more inclined I am at putting some slow big motors on swinging 14-16" props.... in the mean time will try my hand at rewinding... first time. Will see how she turns out. Can't do anything till tomorrow as not really any place I can think of is open today that sells a small spool of whatever guage this is.
  21. Yea i had thought about changing it to an actual wing design but eddie weeks plane works! It's strange to think it does but does very well. I am thinking of putting big props on this as it can certainly take it. I had thought about converting the design a bit by using the zagi nuts trick of flat piece of 1/8 on the bottom, a slightly longer version on the top and a foam piece to make the wing shape. But figured try it eddies way first, see how it turns out. and yes i meant bec, i had both going into the receiver... didn't think that would be an issue as it's just power going in... could
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