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  1. Hey, thats a cool small thing I NEED and WANT TO HAVE So please add 4 for me and my buddies. seb /edit: oh I hope its still possible to get some now the list seems to be closed... :-( would really be happy about this.
  2. Hi, we have a receiver in stock with around -90 up to -93 dBm. http://www.globe-flight.com/-NEW-GF-24GHz-4-Channel-HighEnd-A-V-Receiver we get with 8dBi antenna and only 10mW up to 1,5km range without a big noise. Thats not using airwave chips but special high quality ones. regards Sebastian
  3. Hello, We started now a new shop in germany. Providing all new FPV stuff you can think about. The new OSC Cam from Intelligentflight. Digital recorders, videogoggles, and OSDĀ“s. We will have the IFOSD and the DragonOSD in stock soon. As well as a complete new OSD (more infos soon). AND in a few weeks we offer a "all in wonder FPV-Box" with all you need for the best start in FPV. All products are certificated and legal in the EU. Have a look and visit us at www.globe-flight.de We offer a worldwide shiiping as well, just ask for it. See you Sebastian
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