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  1. Thanks for the answer! Sorry I have a question: you wrote "900mhz .5 watt tx"= 900mhz dot 5 watt = 900mhz 5000mW? I thing you want to write 0.5 watt? Right? No 5 Watt... Thanks Titta
  2. Hi Ivan. Thank you! I think to understand. So I need the video out from samsung, a trasmitter, a receiver, and video google. Where I can buy it and what you suggest to buy? Thanks Titta
  3. Hi! I'm Italian and my name is Titta. I've a X-3D-BL and I use it for areal video. I'm using a Samsung vpx 300 to record my video onboard. My problem is I can't target very well a subject because I can't see what the camera is recording. My camera is 150 gr and the landing gear is 40 gr. So I lift about 190 gr for 8-9 minutes with a 1500mAh lipo. A solution is: 1) take the video signal from the Samsung and send it to a video google 2) Change the camera (actual video size 720x576) with a complete fvp sistem with a recorder 3) Mounting another camera like a view-finder and use a video google. In this case the problem is total weight. What do you suggest? Thanks Titta
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