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  1. ALLRIGHT! The 900mhz GP patch antenna works great. Thanks for making these great instructions Mr.RC-Cam!
  2. I actually did the calculations on 980Mhz since that's chanel 2 on the TX RX I'm getting. I though I should try for a frequency closer to the middle of the choices I'll have that way it will work ok with the other higher frequencys and one lower. I hope that thinking was right since I already cut out the sheetmetal...........and using my China made aviation tin snips is sort of a pain.
  3. OK is this for real. Enlarging the GP-patch specs for 900mhz my reflector is going to be over 10 inches square and the element is going to be about 5.5 inches square?
  4. Woo Hoo! I'm off to the garage. Thanks for the fast reply Mr.RC-Cam. Are you a electrical engineer by trade? How did you come to know so much about this stuff and how to make it your self?
  5. Ok I'm jumping on this old hread here since it's related to my question. I just ditched my 2.4ghz stuff in lue of some new fancy shmancy 900mhz from futrehobbies. I DID build and use the "GP patch" for my 2.4ghz equipment and it really helped. I know the directions say you can scale everything to work for the 900mhz and my only question is weather or not that applys ALSO to the spacers between the two elements of the antena. Basically the orignal plans call for a 0.2" spacer. So if I multiply that by 2.67 the new spacer length should be 0.534" is that correct? Thanks!
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