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  1. Not these :- http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=120345455638 I saw these plugs and thought they looked suitable for the Airwave module. Tried to get more info from the seller, even sent them the data sheet of the Harwin M50-3000545 connectors but they couldn't confirm a match. They promised to contact their supplier but after waiting for two weeks and no conclusion I decided to splash out the $10 (what the heck it's only money) to establish their suitability. They arrived today and one glance showed they were far too big. At least I know now for sure. Any one want to buy some pl
  2. As a start try the most popular:- New Generation Hobbies (www.nghobbies.com) in Canada. Intelligentf Fight (www.intelligentflight.com) in Australia , Range Video (www.rangevideo.com) in the USA. First Person View in the UK (www.firstpersonview.co.uk). I've dealt with nghobbies and he is excellent with delivery and advice. I've also dealt with IF who deliverred quickly but I haven't tried to communicate with him. The prices, after including p&p, are all about the same. Look at their web sites and you'll see they are all have very similar products. For <£300 you should be able to afford
  3. Excellent result. Which Aiptek camera did you use, A-HD or A-HD+ or another. I'm trying to decide which one to buy so your answer will be important to me. The Vimeo sequence is good but was the video quality so much better when displayed on a TV. Thanks. Jon Davies
  4. The only frequency which can be used legally in the UK is 2.4gHz and airbourne transmission is limited to 10mW (100mW for ground transmitters). This should give you at least 500m of range. As for equipment, it depends on how much you want to spend, also how much DIY you're prepared for. There aren't that many "plug and play" systems so some soldering etc will be required. There are plenty of useful links to equipment sellers in this forum. Good luck. Jon Davies
  5. This is an excellent thread. I've been using the EasyCap and the ADS VideoXpress USB Video Capture devices to record my flight videos on my laptop (not FPV yet) and have been very dissapointed with the results. I've spent a lot of time trying to find out more about digital video and have had limited success. This thread is just what some one like me has been looking for. I'm sure there must be a lot of people out there who are as much in the dark as I am. Any information like this is really very useful, maybe you could advise on the best set up, software, hardware etc., to use. Perhaps other f
  6. What were you designing the PCB for? It wouldn't be for any of the AirWave Modules would it? Jon Davies
  7. Thanks for the reply. I've sent the receiver back to see if it can be tuned more accurately. The video, when displayed on TV wasn't too bad, not perfect but probably acceptable for CCTV use. However, when displayed on a PC via the ADSTech device it was useless. I'll let you know what the retailer comes back with. Thanks again Jon Davies
  8. I got hold of an AirWave 10mW AV TX (Active Robot special offer about £5 http://www.active-robots.co.uk/media/pdf/608r609t.pdf ) which worked reasonably well on channel 3 with an NGH reciever (LawMate). I then found a reciever in the U.K. which used the AW frequencies (Pakatak about £20). All the channels were about usable when outputing the Rx to a TV although there was some flickering at the top of the screen. However, when I tried to get the video on my laptop via an ADS Video Express USB device the results were very dissapointing. The picture was very bad and colour was missing. I'm assum
  9. I have a similar problem and I found this site on eBay. I know it's not a U.K. service but "Sure Electronics" seem to be reasonably priced. Good Luck. Jon Davies. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PCB-Manufacture-Serv...1713.m153.l1262
  10. Hi I've just got hold of some Airwave 611 modules thinking they would be easy to get up and running but having seen the pitch of the pins I'm a little daunted. I suppose I could manufacture my own pcb but before I go down that route I want to ask if anybody knows of a source for a ready made circuit board. I've searched the forum and had some tantalising hints but can't find anything concrete. Can anyone help me with this. Thanks Jon Davies
  11. It seems that the convention is; White = Audio, Yellow = Video, Red= Positive Supply, Black = 0volts, although Blue is sometimes used for 0volts. I did manage to source a video/supply to camera plug cable at Digital Products Company, a recent stock addition.
  12. Searching e-bay for cctv cameras/board cameras I got several hits which seemed quite interesting and very cheap, £7 + £7 p&p, typicaly, so I purchased a couple to experiment with. The two cameras, an ACE-110HV and a B686HVAI have arrived and they look quite usefull. Unfortunately they are not accompanied by any documentation. I've manged to ascertain that the second runs at 12volts and some details of its performance statistics but no circuit diagram. Can anybody help me with this. Anything would be useful. Many thanks. Jon Davies
  13. I'm having a similar problem with my Molex connector. Did you find a supplier? Jon Davies
  14. NG Hobbies after sales service was excellent. The equipment works fine without any problems and I've outfitted an Easy Star with a brushless set up and a pan and tilt unit. I've had a bit of trouble masterring the Easy Star, very different to I.C. models, especially landing in the high winds we've been having recently, but I'm feeling confident enough to try it all out as soon as the weather breaks. I do have one question about the camera plug/socket. I've managed to find out the manufacturer is MOLEX but I can't find anyone who can supply me with a connector fitted to an extension cable in t
  15. I have an Intelligent Flight 926 10mW Micro Transmitter which requires a 5v supply. I intend to use a L7805CV 5v Linear Voltage Regulator driven by a 11.1v 3 cell Lipo to get ths 5volts. Is this what you did. Anyone see any problems with this set up? Just realised that the two black wires exiting the 926 Tx are not internally connected. I had assumed that these two wires were the common 0v line for the video/audio input and the 0v of the power supply. Has anyone used this Tx and if so how did you wire it up? Thanks. Jonathan
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