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  1. You wouldn't happen to know where the RSSI is on a Futaba R319DPS? I've done a lot of prodding and came across one pin that seems to be a likely culprit. It wasn't easy to find either. However this voltage when next to the transmitter (9C) is around 1.2 volts. Turning off the transmitter it drops to around 0.5 and continues to slowly discharge down to 0. The voltage does get lower and lower the farther distance you go and while flying, it seems to stabilize around 0.2 volts. Weird. Most RSSI's i've found have been leading back to an IC chip somewhere on the board and have been inversed (Low signal yields a high voltage and vice versa). The pin I found may be it but it doesn't fully fit the description. Just wondering if anyone has had some experience finding it.
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