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  1. The voltage is definitely fine, I can run the cameras using the supplied component leads directly into a TV using either a 2S or a 3S li-poly, both of which give a perfect picture. The set up I have is a transmitter with 5V voltage regulator, and the CCD camera, powered by a 2S li-poly, the power for the camera does not go through the voltage regulator! Which other details would be useful? I am a biologist not an engineer!
  2. I'm having some problems with my misumi CCD snake camera which I'm wiring up to a 20mW transmitter which I've taken from a factory made CMOS wireless camera unit. When I use the camera wired directly into the transmitter I get odd horizontal lines on the picture, which are similar to problems I've had in the past when I've got the voltage wrong, however I know that it is correct at the moment because the camera works when wired straight into the TV, and most significantly, when I power the camera and transmitter separately (using different batteries) the image quality is significantly better (though not perfect). So something is being transmitted through the power to cause this drop in image quality, is this some sort of power transmission, or is it an intermittent power drain or something like that (in which case what sort of capacitor would work, if one would work?). I'm running my system from 2S lipoly batteries, either 180 or 90mAh, depending on what I'm trying to do. J
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