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  1. The voltage is definitely fine, I can run the cameras using the supplied component leads directly into a TV using either a 2S or a 3S li-poly, both of which give a perfect picture. The set up I have is a transmitter with 5V voltage regulator, and the CCD camera, powered by a 2S li-poly, the power for the camera does not go through the voltage regulator! Which other details would be useful? I am a biologist not an engineer!
  2. I'm having some problems with my misumi CCD snake camera which I'm wiring up to a 20mW transmitter which I've taken from a factory made CMOS wireless camera unit. When I use the camera wired directly into the transmitter I get odd horizontal lines on the picture, which are similar to problems I've had in the past when I've got the voltage wrong, however I know that it is correct at the moment because the camera works when wired straight into the TV, and most significantly, when I power the camera and transmitter separately (using different batteries) the image quality is significantly better (
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