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  1. Hi Dimitris I tried it,doesn't works.....look at the attached vuzix tech support reply: "The VR920 requires a computer or Xbox 360 to work, and will not operate in any other environment. The USB cable does not simply provide power, it also provides all the bi-directional communication required for boot-up and continued power." Have a nice day Moti
  2. Hi all I bought new vr920 for FPV but because it don't have composite input it very difficalt to use for FPV. so i want sell it for $300 or trade it with composite input google like AV920 or similar. Have a nice day Moti
  3. Hi This is what i did step by step 1.video in to the laptop via capture, VGA and USB glasses in to laptop-works perfect 2.video in to the laptop via capture, VGA disconnected USB connected no video glasses lite. 3. video in to the laptop via capture, VGA connected USB connected to external 5V no video and the glasses didn't lite I tried also to connect the USB signal wires to the +5V via 10K resistor to 'wake up' the system but no change Please advice Have a nice day Moti
  4. I did it but it doesn't works. any suggestion?
  5. eickst,thank for your help
  6. Hi all I connect the VR920 to my laptop to the VGA out put and the video input via USB video capture. I use it for FPV and it works perfect. Now I want to skip the laptop and connect the VR930 via composite to VGA converter. My question is what i have to do with the VR920 USB connector?. If there is alternative power supply for the USB?? Or must i use the laptop anyway?? Because i use it as an FPV i use only the video signal. Please advice Have a nice weekend Moti
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