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  1. Hello Everyone, I am trying to find information on how I can use 1 channel and split it into about 8 momentary switch functions on the model. I know that a company called MCD makes one with 8 and one with 16 functions. My problem is that I need a custom Keypad layout. I tried to contact MCD but their web site is down. I want to make my own using an Atmel micro controller. I can do the programing. I just don't know how to interface it into the radio. Has anyone done something like this? Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Dennis
  2. Hey that will work. I think it is time to get my dad and his scope involved. Thanks for the info.
  3. Hello Everyone, I thought I would put this info out on the table. If your looking for high quality cameras take a look at these. They are made by Hitachi. I own the following. VK-S914, VK-S234, VK-S274R & VK-S454R. They are all used in American Dynamics/Sensormatic PTZ cameras. The PTZs are known by the names Delta Dome and Speed Dome Ultra I - VIII. The camera blocks are controlled with RS232. The 4 mentioned are all color NTSC. They have 16x, 12x, 22x & 23x internal optical zoom respectively. The dimensions are rather small for the what you get. Length is 86mm, width 50mm & hight 60mm. I have the RS232 control commands in PDF as well as the Service manual for the VK-S274R. I also have the PDF file of the sales brochures for all except the VK-S234. I think the control commands will be the same for all the cameras. The reason I think this is because I am controlling all for cameras with 1 Touch Tracker 16E. I can control the zoom, iris, shutter speed, manual focus, also a privicy mask. That allows you to block off portions of the picture area. If you would like more info on the camera blocks or the PTZs feel free to ask me. I have attached two photos of the VK-S274R. The second is just showing the serial, power & video connector. BTW the camera block uses 9vdc and the PTZ camera combo 18 - 30vac. Yes AC. You can also Google any of the items mentioned. Regards, Dennis
  4. Hi Ron, My reasoning for eliminating the RF is because the TX & RX is pre 1991 and I don't want stray RF flying around. Granted I don't think the RF Police (FCC) would know. And I don't want to have the radio updated. I could go and buy an updated RC set but that would add more than I would like to the budget. Also the plan was to gut the TX and build everything into a Pelican case with monitor in the lid for the video. The plan is also to go about 300 feet. I do appreciate the info though I will keep it in mind. I will take all ideas into consideration since I really don't know what I'm doing. The electronics portion of this project is a huge learning experience. Thank to all the forums I'm on and all the great people on them I am getting allot of info and help. Regards, Dennis
  5. Hi Kilrah, The serial isn't as much of a problem as is it to bypass the RF circuit. I wouldn't know where to start. I have been trying to figure out a way to replace the TX RF module with a microcontroller that has analog inputs and can output RS232. I have an old Futaba FG series TX that I want to use. I found a data sheet for the encoder IC. I would like to rind a schematic or service manual on this radio. Or at least the pinout for the 5 pin RF module plug. I'll try to find the thread you mentioned. Thanks, Dennis Dennis
  6. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and see there is plenty of knowledgeable people here. First let me say I don't know much about electronics or PICs & AVRs or programing. I do know how to read schematics and I can assemble kits and make boards. Now here is my project. I am building a ROV for underwater. I need to be able to use a RC transmitter less RF module. The end result is that I need proportional control of three motors with electroinic speed controls. That is on one stick and a trim pot third channel for the third motor. Then on the other stick pan & tilt camera control. Then from the TX over RS232 I need to control zoom with trim pot, Manual focus (up & down push buttons), Iris (up & down push buttons), Shutter speed would be nice but not necessary. I have the camera control commands. I was going to use a http://www.futurlec.com/ATMEGA8535_Controller.shtml and a http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/207 for the Speed control portion as well as two on off switches for lights & pan/tilt servo. My problem is that I don't know how to get the TX encoder to communicate to the AVR. Then I would need someone to do the programing. I have someone that is willing to write the program for the camera controls. BTW the camera is a Hitachi VK-S234. I can't find a data sheet on this camera but the VK-S274R and VK-S914. Attached is the data sheet. I tried to attach the control command PDF but it is 1.3MB. Let me know what you all think. Any input would be appreciated. Regards, Dennis VKK274R.pdf
  7. Hello Videorov, I am also working on a ROV. My camera is a Hitachi VK-S234. It has a built in 12x optical zoom. It is controlled by RS-232. You can control the Zoom, Iris, Focus, Shutter speed among other things. I am trying to find a way to hook up a Radio Controlled transmitter without the RF module (the wireless portion) to a microcontroller. That way I can control the motors and camera over wire since radio waves don't go far underwater. You can see a couple photos of the camera on the Yahoo ROV Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/robotrov/ under Nemo1 in the photos section. If your not a member of the group check it out. Regards, Dennis
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