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  1. Hello Everyone, I am trying to find information on how I can use 1 channel and split it into about 8 momentary switch functions on the model. I know that a company called MCD makes one with 8 and one with 16 functions. My problem is that I need a custom Keypad layout. I tried to contact MCD but their web site is down. I want to make my own using an Atmel micro controller. I can do the programing. I just don't know how to interface it into the radio. Has anyone done something like this? Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Dennis
  2. Hey that will work. I think it is time to get my dad and his scope involved. Thanks for the info.
  3. Hello Everyone, I thought I would put this info out on the table. If your looking for high quality cameras take a look at these. They are made by Hitachi. I own the following. VK-S914, VK-S234, VK-S274R & VK-S454R. They are all used in American Dynamics/Sensormatic PTZ cameras. The PTZs are known by the names Delta Dome and Speed Dome Ultra I - VIII. The camera blocks are controlled with RS232. The 4 mentioned are all color NTSC. They have 16x, 12x, 22x & 23x internal optical zoom respectively. The dimensions are rather small for the what you get. Length is 86mm, width 50mm & hi
  4. Hi Ron, My reasoning for eliminating the RF is because the TX & RX is pre 1991 and I don't want stray RF flying around. Granted I don't think the RF Police (FCC) would know. And I don't want to have the radio updated. I could go and buy an updated RC set but that would add more than I would like to the budget. Also the plan was to gut the TX and build everything into a Pelican case with monitor in the lid for the video. The plan is also to go about 300 feet. I do appreciate the info though I will keep it in mind. I will take all ideas into consideration since I really don't know what I'
  5. Hi Kilrah, The serial isn't as much of a problem as is it to bypass the RF circuit. I wouldn't know where to start. I have been trying to figure out a way to replace the TX RF module with a microcontroller that has analog inputs and can output RS232. I have an old Futaba FG series TX that I want to use. I found a data sheet for the encoder IC. I would like to rind a schematic or service manual on this radio. Or at least the pinout for the 5 pin RF module plug. I'll try to find the thread you mentioned. Thanks, Dennis Dennis
  6. Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and see there is plenty of knowledgeable people here. First let me say I don't know much about electronics or PICs & AVRs or programing. I do know how to read schematics and I can assemble kits and make boards. Now here is my project. I am building a ROV for underwater. I need to be able to use a RC transmitter less RF module. The end result is that I need proportional control of three motors with electroinic speed controls. That is on one stick and a trim pot third channel for the third motor. Then on the other stick pan & tilt camera control. T
  7. Hello Videorov, I am also working on a ROV. My camera is a Hitachi VK-S234. It has a built in 12x optical zoom. It is controlled by RS-232. You can control the Zoom, Iris, Focus, Shutter speed among other things. I am trying to find a way to hook up a Radio Controlled transmitter without the RF module (the wireless portion) to a microcontroller. That way I can control the motors and camera over wire since radio waves don't go far underwater. You can see a couple photos of the camera on the Yahoo ROV Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/robotrov/ under Nemo1 in the photos section. If your not a
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