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  1. This patch is amazing in my last flight I flew about 500 meters behind the patch with just one or two glitches and had flown 1.7 km away till my rc receiver heavily glitched. I found its performance superior to L-Com 8 dBi Patch when flying around the antenna. I got more glitches than the gp patch. Here is a page showing the patch mounted directly to the dual out put receiver. http://www.pistbasi.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=891
  2. Hi! will that mod be good with double out put receiver. And does working with 60 w ruin the components.? http://www.dpcav.com/xcart/product.php?pro...=270&page=1
  3. I also got mine from ebay with some other types of connectors. Im about to build a GP patch fr 900 mhz and as it is big there will be load on the sma connector of the receiver so I want build a stand and support the patch by attaching some plastic parts like screws nuts etc. on the back of the plate using epoxy. Does this effect the reception of the antenna?
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