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  1. Do I understand correctly, you soldered the filter directly on the DE regulator? That would be very handy, since I also power my Airwave TX in parallel to the cam. And this would eliminate the noise towards the TX also. What rate of inductor coil did you use? I found a small type of suppression coils on the web, inductance 14uH, rated up to 0.7A current LINK Will these work? Btw, I found that DE's Anyvolt is overrated with my 800mA current. So I try to switch to 2s lipo instead to get the current down. Thx again, Jens
  2. You mean the Caps+Coil solution from the DE website, or something else? Do you have the exact types that you used to tame yours? Thx, Jens
  3. Well, a few minutes after posting I found something from DE themselves: *LOL* http://www.dimensionengineering.com/appnot...eo_tutorial.htm ;-) Thanks a lot, I might try this first.
  4. Hi there electronic experts, I use an Anyvolt Micro from DE to regulate 3.5...4.2V (a 1s Lipo) input to 3.3v output. I power my FPV setup with it: Airwave 450mW TX and a CMOS cam. The setup is drawing 800mA total from the battery. So now I do see some stripes in the video - nothing major, but they are visible. I assume that these come from the Anyvolt's noise. Does anyone know a way to tame the noise? Thanks a lot in advance :-)) Jens
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