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  1. When I plug in the flight battery, the camera comes on. Plugged into the USB on my puter the camera stays on. Moving the rudder stick full right then full left arms the camera then full left fires it. With no input, the camera shuts back off after whatever the default time is before modifications. I am going to use a different speed controller. I know the one I am using is not up to the demands of the speed 400 motor and the 8 cell 600AE pack I am using. I thought maybe the voltage was dropping there but the camera also shut down when the plane was live but static, motor off. This was after the flight so I suppose that could be the problem, now that I think back on it. Guess I need to screw with it some more but it sounds like the wiring is correct.
  2. Its the Aiptek 1.3 mega cam, the same one you show on the mods page. I am getting the power to the camera thru the 1st pin and shield on the USB jack as instructed on the mods page. Pins 1 and 5 are shorted on the PIC and everything else is connected properly. Looks like I will have to open it back up and re-check everything. Man, that 30 gauge wire is fun to work with...
  3. Hi! Did the Camman mods to one of my Aiptek mini 1.3 cams and it works great except that it does the auto shut off bit if I make no input for a while, minute or so? I wired it up using the USB power connections and I am positive everything is connected correctly but I cant figure why it goes to sleep. Any suggestions? I am using channel 4 (rudder) with my GWS slowstick to operate it, GWS rx also. I am hoping it is a setting thing I can do without taking that sucker apart again!
  4. If I got this right, the burning/blowing (too fast to read) message during the programming session is to be expected? I programmed 3 chips before the duh light came on and I selected the configuration fuses as stated in the Aiptek controller instructions. The 3 chips verify as programmed correctly but I understand they shouldnt? The next couple of chips I burned had the configuration fuses set as recommended and I get the verify error and the burned/blown fuses message. I just want to confirm that I wasted the first 3 chips but the next set are correct. Using the PICPRO16 programmer and am a complete newbie at this.
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