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  1. I will have to add some wire extensions to both the GPS and the TX but I will try this solution and see what happens. The camera is a SN555 Sony CCD. It is mounted under the motor at the end of the red tube. Surprisingly I don't get any noise from the motor in the video. Here is a YouTube Video of my first flight test of my Heads-Up-Display on the MikroKopter. As you will see it is still a work in progress. My video conversion program for YouTube left some white lines in the artificial that aren't actually there but you get the idea. Everything you see in the video is done on the aircraft. Thanks Rick
  2. As it turns out the video TX antenna is on the left and is only about 9 inches away from the GPS patch antenna not 13 as specified previously. I have requested assistance from the TX manufacturer but have not yet heard back from him. Thanks Rick
  3. I have a MikroKopter Hexa. I have added my Heads-Up-Display and am using a 500mw 5.8GHz video TX to transmit the video to ground. The video tx antenna is just a 5.8GHz simple omni antenna and is positioned about 13 inches and below the GPS antenna which is a standard commercial GPS patch mounted on top of a 2" square ground plane and is mounted above everything else. The GPS is a UBLOX and is mounted dirrectly on the other side of the ground plane. If I power everything up together the GPS never locks any satellites. If I unplug the video TX it will lock 9 to 11 satalites in just a few seconds. Then I can plug the video TX back in and it will drop to about 5 or 6 satellites and hover aoround there for a while but eventually will drop below 4 which is not enough to maintain position hold or navigate waypoints. I am limited on the amount of distance I can move the video TX antenna from the GPS antenna physical size limitations of the Mikrokopter. The GPS is mounted in center with the other electronics and the video TX is mounted out close to the end of one of the motor arms. the video TX antenna is connected directly to the TX. I have had the same video TX much closer to a different GPS module with the same type of GPS patch antenna on a different aircraft, in that case it was a Trex-500 and they aced6 inches apart and worked just fine. Doees anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Rick
  4. NOPE! This Amazing project is very much alive and kicking. It just takes a while to have the best... It won't be too much longer...
  5. Does anyone know if the 2nd UART on the EB-85A is enabled or if not, how to enable it?
  6. Are the Rev C kits still available? If so I would like to purchase one. What is the proceedure to do so? Thanks Rick
  7. Unfortunatlly I can't yet comment on pricing but I expect it to be affordable. Rick
  8. Hi qb7 Hopefully sometime this summer if everything continues at the current pace. Rick
  9. Hi Val, Sorry for taking so long to reply. I did not get any updates in my e-mail so I was unaware additional posts had been added. Here is a screenshot of the current HUD display. This is a capture from the HUD running in demo mode. The graphics are all real and being drawn in real-time however they are running in demo mode and the background video was pre-recorded and used for bench testing purposes. The HUD display will be user configurable for display features such as gauges, colors, size, etc. It will support several video input and output options with the standard being color mono or stereoscopic CCD camera with direct digital ITU-656 in and NTSC/PAL composite video out with a graphics resolution of 720 X 480. Everything runs in real-time. There are many other features but I have said too much already. More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to a production date. Rick
  10. You will be pleased to know this project is still underway. It has been expanded somewhat and is nearing completion. This very cool project has gone through many iterations but now all of the components and features have stabilized and the end result will be far better than originally thought. The video module now contains a full blown graphics and video processor. The video overlay Heads-Up-Display now runs at 720 X 480 resolution on standard NTSC. PAL is also supported. It has real-time artificial horizon, sliding ribbon air speed, altimeter and compass heading, engine and rotor RPM, 2 battery, 3 temp gauges. The airspeed and altimeter are driven by pressure sensors but GPS readings are also displayed. There are many other features also included. There is also a full 6DOF IMU with 3 axis magnetometer and 4Hz GPS (we are looking at a 5Hz). I will try to post some demo mode video and other information before long. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before these are in full production. That’s it for now. I don't want to say too much until it is ready to ship. I'm sure you can understand why. Rick Steele
  11. I have successfully used Futaba and Hitec and of course FMA crystals with mine.
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