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  1. Hello, wondered if anybody can point me in the right direction? I have a servo controller and want to transmit that signal wireless (using a transmitter) no more that 50 meters to a receiver for control of a (digital) servo, I am thinking of 433Mhz but would like advice on the best and most reliable frequency. does anybody know of any off the shelf solutions or circuit designers? thanks robert.
  2. Wondered if anybody could help me I am trying to find the best servo with the highest resolution because it will be used in a camera focus project - therefore need it to be as sensitive as possible and ideally capable of more than 180 deg of travel has any body go any suggestions - I was also trying to find out the specs on servo's but wasn't sure which which one specifies the resolution, a friend mentioned it was in 'steps' - obviously the more steps the better the res thanks, robert.
  3. FYI- I found these 2 items that I am hoping to put to good use - what do you think? http://www.active-robots.com/products/moto...ple-servo.shtml and http://www.acroname.com/robotics/parts/R298-1T-SERVO.html I think these may help......
  4. OK many thanks for the input, you seem to be telling me that I should get a servo tester for the control, and the servo you suggest is the Atlas, but I see this will only travel 180 degrees I will need one that goes futher than that at least 180 to 270 degrees of travel (from zero to infinity focusing). How would I get this, sorry to be so thick when you start talking about NE555 chips and 1ms to 20ms pulses I get very confused. I also want to be able to control the servo with a thumb dial mounted to bars that support my camera see here: http://www.redrockmicro.com/microShoulderMount/index.html I wonder if there would be someone out there who would be willing to make me this set up and I will pay them for time and materials. robert.
  5. Hi I have have just joined and wondered if anybody could help me out I want to construct a way of controlling a servo for a remote follow focus for a video camera. please see the video below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpQWm759NW8 I have some expereince with servos etc, but wondered how I would control the servo using the same method, both back and forth preferably with up to one revolution in either direction to cover all the focus range? Also which type of servo would work the best? anybody got any ideas or pointers in right direction. Thanks robert.
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