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  1. Hi!! It's working very well now!!! Thank you very much for your work, patience and your interest in help! Very good work! Later I will post some photos of my RCFSv2.01 working on my car. []'s Ismael
  2. Hi! I am in work now. When go home I will test and post the results. Thanks again! []'s Ismael
  3. Thank you very much for try! I am crossing all my fingers! Good luck! []'s Ismael
  4. Hi! I like this! In the order page don't list PayPal. I send an e-mail asking about this. []'s Ismael
  5. I understand. Can you change the code to put the RCFS working with 14ms (71Hz). You will make me very happy! []'s Ismael
  6. It's far away from my budget, but I am analysing. The price of a normal oscope(with screen) in Brazil is about US$ 750,00 (analog). The USB is the better solution to me. []'s Ismael
  7. Hi! Tx have a PIC 12F675 and Rx have a HEF4013. I will take some photos now. W3FJW-Ron: I am thinking to buy this PC oscope: http://www.sureelectronics.net/goods.php?id=397. []'s Ismael
  8. Hi! There is a way to change this limit to 15ms? []'s Ismael
  9. Hello! I did some tests and discover that frame rate is 15 ms. RCFS always wait 20ms frame rate? []'s Ismael
  10. Hi! I don't know enough to do this with a microcontroller. Tomorrow I will take the receiver on a eletronic school to do some tests. The radio system: Rx: Perfex KR-3 Tx: Perfex KT-3HS []'s Ismael
  11. Hi! I am trying someone to read this to me. It's not possible do develop a software on PIC to save all received data? And them compare with Futaba results? []'s Ismael
  12. Hi! I have any experience with scope. I need to know how much Mhz I need in a scope. I will try to find someone to read the servo pulse to me. -- []'s Ismael
  13. Hi! What specifications of scope I need to read rx to servo signal? To disable the Low Voltage I just need to close the jumper? []'s Ismael
  14. Hi! I did some tests and the Kyosho receiver can control my Futaba S3003 servo and my Futaba receiver can control Kyosho servo. Can you indicate any project of o-scope to use sound card? []'s Ismael
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