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  1. Thanks guys, I have been reading but maybe I just can't see it......go figure doesn't it always happen that way....when you are looking for something you can never find it lol. Has anyone hacked a gyro mouse for this? Basically, and maybe I have bitten off more then I can chew, but my idea is to hook a gyro/accelerometer directly to the potentiometers in a 2-channel futaba transmitter. I believe the potentiometers in the transmitter has a range of approx -5 to 5 volts, so I guess I would need a gyro that has a voltage output. Or I need to make/find a curcuit that converts the output of a gyro/accelerometer to the proper voltage. I know there are alot of very smart ppl here and I hope we can figure this out....somehow there has to be a way.
  2. Hi, ok I am sorry......an other newbie here.....but I have been flying rc planes for a few years now, and i want to take it to the next level. I am wanting to put a camera inside one of my planes and fly it was if I was inside the rc plane. Now, from what I am reading is that the gyro has to be hooked up into the trainers jack of the transmitter. My question is this, can I use an other two channel radio and hack the control sticks (removing/disconnecting them) and hook up a gyro to same location as the control sticks in transmiter. Is it that easy? My guess is not, but can that be done? Basically useing the 2 channel transmiter for controling the camera only, panning it up/down/left/right while keeping my original trans for flight only. If not, is there a circuit I need to build/buy? What needs to be done?? I know enough electronics to be dangerous....lol that usually ends up costing some $$, so I thought I would ask the pros first . Also would a standard gyro work, like the ones used in a rc helicoter or should I look for a certain kind? Last but not least, what micro colour video cam with sound is best? and what reciever for the camera is best?? Any help would be appreicated
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