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  1. I'm in a bit of a bind ... Trying to locate a Spartan-RC VisionLock Rev 3 gizmo ... http://www.spartan-rc.com/products/visionlock/visionlock.htm Spartan's website shows them out-of-stock. Would any of you guys have one or two of this little jewels laying around collecting dust? If so, would you sell one or two to me. Thanks in advance ...
  2. I had some problems with the signal from the Hi-Cam video transmitter that I use on my helicam and added a piece of aluminum paper around the glow plug cable for a test. That cusses the GY611 gyro to malfunction on the pitch making the tail to tern when ever it wants. It was difficult even to land. So be very careful
  3. What kind of servos and gyro combination for a camera gimbal Why does everybody use Futaba S3003 Some help please
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