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  1. they're bloody expensive aren't they the demo doesn't do the right pic i want
  2. thanks for all the help, i'll try that could you link me to where i can download it?
  3. sorry im not too familliar with C, is there another source file with that? #include <12F675.h> // Camera has 2 lines for focus and shutter, 3.3V pulled down by 2-pos switch #define Servo_in PIN_A5 //PIN_A0 #define Focus_out PIN_A1 //PIN_A4 #define Shutter_out PIN_A0 //PIN_A1 void main(void) { ENABLE_INTERRUPTS(GLOBAL); ENABLE_INTERRUPTS(INT_RA5); // Pin state change interrupt on pin GP5 port_a_pullups(0x20); while(1); } #INT_RA // Port state change interrupt void servo_int(void) { int16 Width=0; if(input(Servo_in)) // rising edge { SET_TIMER1(0); SETUP_TIMER_1(T1_INTERNAL|T1_DIV_BY_1); //reset and start timer } else // falling edge { SETUP_TIMER_1(T1_DISABLED); //stop timer Width = GET_TIMER1(); if(Width > 1333) output_low(Focus_out); else input(Focus_out); if(Width > 1666) output_low(Shutter_out); else input(Shutter_out); } } EDIT: ah, i think i understand, there is a .h file for all the different PICs with all the relevant inputs then you #include the one for the PIC you use, could you upload or link me to where i would be abkle to get them all? thanks
  4. i want to know how to code the hex, so i was reqesting if anyone would be so kind as to make me an example code so i could see what kind of layout it goes in etc etc
  5. this does not give written code though does it? i don't just want on/off, i want to know how to do proportional as well
  6. i don't think they would work, cause if you move your head it will move, but it won't 'follow' your head movements, i think a better way of doing it may be infra red sensors cause this has a view of where your head is pointing whereas the gyros just know you have moved your head, you get me? i would love to do this too if you are successful if you mount the ir sensors on the transmitter you won't have to have the on a massive framework out infront of you
  7. I have made RC-Cam's landtastic and i wondered if there was any way someone could make like an example code filethat would show me the basics of using the signal wire of a radio control unit to do stuff so i could possibly make a little unit that plugs into a receiver then when you flick a switch it lights up an LED or something, i would love it if you could help me!!! Peter
  8. I have made a landtastic and have it installed in my eflite seafury it always moves the servos in so the wheels go up slightly when i plug it in, not enough to break anything, you have to make sure at wheel half up half down the servo is at middle travel so that when it is fully down it is towards its extreme this should stop it going out of the travel of the retracts here it is with the landtastic!
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