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  1. Friends, Check out this link for 900 Mhz antenna "Sweeps". http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1340355
  2. Friends, I recently stumbled upon this vendor under the "vendor links" section: http://www.securitycamera2000.com I am very interested in this product: http://www.securitycamera2000.com/products/0.9G-1.5W-4CH-Wireless-Video%7B47%7DAudio-Transmitter%7B47%7DReceiver-Kit.html has anybody tried one of these? Do they work as advertised? TIA for you input.
  3. Friends, I need some help fine tuning my 900 MHZ FPV system. I purchased a 900 MHZ 500 Mw system from Range video about 1.5 years ago. I have used it infrequently primarily because I get such lousy performance from it. I have some experience in RF so I know a few of the basics. Problem: Whenever the TX exceeds ~75' from the RX, the signal quality drops dramatically. I see the "noise" lines across the screen, or the video picture drops completely. I have experimented with the following possible solutions: 1) I initially had the TX+cam mounted on a Trex 600. The camera itself was mou
  4. Friends, I am currently using a 1 watt 900 MHz range video system. The Tx has a 5 dB Omni and the RX is using either a 5 db omni or a 12 db panel. I am still getting some spotty reception and will probably go to a diplexed/duplexed rx system soon. Question: I have a request to broadcast a live video feed from the helicopter while hovering stationary outside, to the inside of a convention hall for a demonstration. No idea of the materials used to in the structure of the building, but it would be a safe guess that brick, concrete, wood, metal and glass are all utilized. I am aware that
  5. Friends, I am using a range-video 900 mhz rx for my video downlink. My TX is a 500mw using a 5 db omni oriented horizontally. Currently, I have a 12 db panel antenna on the rx, but due to the inherent nature of the panel this limits me to a specific direction on the field I fly. So, what if I could combine another omni with the panel antenna using a splitter? Therefore I could have the best of both worlds, right? or would this insert too much loss? Or, I could have two omni's on my rx, one vertical and the other horizontal. I have attached the type of splitter I would like to use.
  6. Friends, I am still in the process of obtaining the necessary video equipment for my AP set-up. Looking to get a good quality, but not too $$$ portable DVR (digital video recorder). The closest unit I have found is this: http://www.pigear.com/store/PV500-Pocket-DVR-p321.html My intentions are to record video transmitted from the wireless downlink from the helicopter. I will be using an Eagle tree or other OSD system to overlay informational graphics that I will be selling as part of my business model. The portable DVR itself will be on the ground as a part of the "downlink" sta
  7. Friends, I need some advice regarding the altimeter and OSD combinations Recently completed building my "cameraship" - Trex 600 with and Askman .50 APLG mount. I will be getting a wireless camera downlink equipment soon....now I am focusing on the OSD equipment. More specifically, I want to be able to very accurately record my height above the ground while having the camera looking out at a straight and level view from the bottom of the helicopter. In short, I am going to record "balcony" shots and I need to be able to accurately measure the height of the subject(s) I am viewing
  8. Friends, I have completed building my camera ship and I am now faced with the dilemma of choosing the frequency for my downlink video. I have a 600 ESP and I am waiting on the Askman AP mount to arrive. All of the downlink gear will be mounted as far away as possible from EMI & RFI sources. My current TX & RX is JR & Spektrum, so 2.4G for downlink is out of the question. The downlink will be used for both FPV and/or recording directly to a DVR that I will have on the ground connected to the video receiver. The advantage is that it will allow me to use OSD devices mounted
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