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  1. Thanks. Do I have a way to meture the exect frequancy that my tx uses ? (I know it is basicly a 1.2Ghz but its probebly not precise) - I don't have an RF equipment but I do have a scope. Ideas ?
  2. Hi, I have started experimenting with live video from my Trex 450. I placed a cheap 1.2Ghz pinhole ebay camera on it, build the patch antenna from this site (unbelievable change in reception) and I'm receiving it on my laptop. Not too bad ... But .. At some point the little wire attached to the camera's TX PCB went lost ! I looked at the web and found all the wave length calculators. one more BUT ... Should I use half length ? quarter length ? What kind of wire ? Also, anything that may make transmitting better will be appreciated. Thanks - Gil
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