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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWAfnGQAh78
  2. Hi, My heli eats more than the 50 Amps of Current sensor capabilities, so I can not use it as is but I would like to probe the motor battery voltage. Is it possible use the BlackStork OSD's current sensor pins for only motor battery voltage monitor? There are 3 pins for the sensor: GND, +12V and A. What signal is pin "A" ? and the +12V is an input or output voltage from OSD ? Thanks in advance for your feedbacks Jacky
  3. Hi Below a picture of the opened antenna. Somebody know how to change the frequency from 910MHz (860-960MHz) to 1040MHz (channel 4) ? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Terry, I have a receiver AOR AR-3000-A. I just look the signal meter of the receiver to compare antennas. I know it should be better to connect a SWR-meter but I don't have one.
  5. Hi Mr.RC-Cam, Thanks for your feedback, it will be very helpful for me. Best Regards, Jacky65
  6. Hi all, Is it possible to open this 3dBi 900MHz from Rangevideo antenna for SWR fine tuning ? I have 4 samples and range is different with two of them. Thanks in advance
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