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  1. Hi Thanks alot for your reply and information you gave to me. I got it and am quitting to use any mobile camera BUT to make it clearer I was supposed to detach the camera from the cellphone and use it individually in the circuit and I think it still produces digital signals and hence cannot be used? Thanks
  2. Hi all Finally the search has ended and i have registered myself here. It is great to see you guys doiing so much. Well, to be short and precise I am designing a Computer controled car containg a camera which transmits video in VHF band so that TV/TV Tuner cards can capture it. But the first problem I faced after getting a VHF TV transmitter circuit was a camera. Well I am not able to get such a camera mentioned here but I do have some spare Cellphones having cameras. LIke SnyEricsson W580i, NOKIA 6300,etc. Please, tell me whether i can use these cameras in my circuit which has a mere two wire socket for video signals? if yes then where from i can get the pinout details of such cameras? hope somebody replies soon!
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