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  1. The links are dead. this is the kinda thread I am looking for. anyone find any answers . the thread hasnt been updated in awhile. maybe a dead subject.
  2. Wow. I wanna know if you every got this figured out. I am trying to do the same thing right now. I have a 1 watt camera in the tank and it gets way farther than the transmitter. also I am using an old airplane transmitter reciever at 72 mhz....I notice the dte on this post has been awhile I hope you reply and have found several solutions.... we will figure this out. chat later
  3. Ok guys . This is awesome I got so many responses on this already. But heres the deal. I had a rc plane. it crashed hard several times so . thats what I am using in a ground unit(aka the tank) it is 72 MHZ. its a decent unit...futaba....(also I am in england and i know its illagal but i dont care. anyway) I need more distance...theres 2 things I am talking about. 1 is the transmision of the stock 72 mhz rc transmitter - receiver....... 2 the old-new video system i have in it. (anyone c the pic i posted????? if so let me know if not let me know..??? 1 the stock transmitter i know can be modified some how or an amplifier can be added to get more gain for distance.... 2 the original wireless video cam was not even good enough to get the same range as the stock transmitter. c video on my .mac account..... noall666 (if you dont know how to gain access to a .mac account public folder. google that sh*t) so I got a video amplifier from japan that is 1 watt and kicks ass. now the video can go farther than the transmitter. the original was a 2.4 ghz generic video spy came( http://www.dynaspy.com/product_info.php?pr...FRsRagod1WzsLQ) But I upgraded to a 1 watt set up I found in japan. its using the same camera but a 1 watt amp to boost signal. . The original video camera set up was crud. see video.... so in final. I need to know (someone must have some ideas or knowledge on this) How can I get more gain out of my transmitter. side note. I work in the entertainment industry as an engineer for rock bands. I deal with rf for in ear monitors everyday. we deal with 500 to 700 MHZ range with real nice amplifiers . ( output amplifier combiners. check this out... http://www.directproaudio.com/product.cfm?directid=59898 )( I have even seen 1 watt amps made, which are illegal but when they are needed we use them, like when a video wall or too many lights give off to much interferance....) Also . If you look at the pic. I am also installing a second camera in the small hole next to the barrel. even more sweet....... BUT I dont know any schematics or amplifier systems that can do 72 MHZ . So I need your guys help!!! we can do this.... this will help all of us get more distance and better our devices for better fun....lets do this guys.....any help will be greatly apppreciated.... I will look into any ideas ....
  4. OK I have just found this forumn and am in some need for some help. I may be of help to others as well. I have a few rc tanks and I have some wireless cameras in them.... first thing. I need more range from my existing rc transmitter. does anyone know how to modify or and to it. to increase distance. schematics. different antenna. longer shorter. etc anything that will help increase distance. next I have experimented with several cameras and found the spy version to be good but distance was sh*t. so i bought a 1 watt video amp nd it kicks ass. now i can see the picture at great distances but the tank stops working once i get so far away. anything out there that can increase the transmitter distance??? please help... this is a great forum by the way....
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