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  1. Hi sorry for the late reply.. I have now measured the camera cabel and it was 75 ohm... And the TX is getting hot but not the camera!! So you say that i have to just get a new camera cabel then and it should work?? I have tested the wires and after 10 min try out the TX is hot and camera is still cold.. So that concloud that is the wireing then?!
  2. Hi yea im gonna try that.. I used a voltometer and with that i got no response.. I use the KX 191 cam from rangevideo..
  3. Hi. I have mesured the resistance now and i get no response on the voltometer...??? It has to be the cable then since,everything else works.. Espen
  4. Here is the Picture of my system hope it helps.. Regards from norway.. Helix
  5. Hi. * I have checkd the freq in all different ways a hope. just the same response.. * Yea the screen turns to snow when i unplugg the TX.. * It can be the wiring between cam and TX,,but how can i check that?? Espen
  6. Hi ppl I have some problems with my system (900 mhz-500mhz) and i was hoping that someone could help me? The problem is that when i have connected the batteries,camera(KX-191 from rangevideo) to a LCD screen i just see a black screen???!!! But when im moving the TX antenna around, the screen blurs and change a little bit. But No IMAGE: Im using lipo 3 cell 800mah on the camera and TX . I have tried with antenna paths and the orginal antenna but no image.. Is there anyone that have any idea of what can be wrong?? I have tested the camera and it works fine and the TX is getting hot (heard
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