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  1. Thank you Mr. RC-Cam, I will try this and post the results
  2. Is there a way to make the servo tester work with 1.9k pots instead of the 5k pots? I am wanting to use the tester with a FrSky replacement gimbal PR10. 1.9k is what I measured , but the box states resistance range is 2.4k ohm. Sorry, I wanted to put this under Rc-Cam Projects
  3. Hi Mr. Rc-Cam, My printer did something goofy on the GP patch template where the 7.00" horizontal is correct but the 9.00" vertical is still a 1/32" weak. So I was wondering if you could verify a couple of dimensions for me? For the bottom plate I scaled that to be 4.24"x4.24"and the top plate at 2.23" horizontal x 2.27" vertical. Thanks for your help! Midwest-Flyer
  4. Thank-you for clearing things up for me Midwest-Flyer
  5. Hi Mr. Rc-Cam, Please forgive me for my ignorance,but on page # 5 of the new installation docs. does pin 4 of the RS-232 port change what it does between the record output and the NMEA output? Or is pin 3 of the Db 9 also a Gnd. ? And am I thinking correctly in that the NMEA sentence output is where you can get GPS data on the fly? Thanks Midwest-Flyer
  6. I do'nt have a 4-pin header so I have to order. So I will send the pic to you this time. I thought time wise it was a horse a piece, but I will have a cable ready for the future Thanks Midwest-Flyer
  7. Hi, I have been using the JR R700 rx for my testing and it has worked well. When the new firmware is released I will be using the RSSI connection Mr Rc-Cam I've been reading through the new docs. This project and product is getting more fun,cool and flexilble as time goes on Thank-you Midwest-Flyer
  8. Hi, These traces are very hard to follow I did get 20k across pin 12 and gnd. On this rx I also got 280 millivolts TX off, .636 volts TX on. It look like pin 12 connects to cap to gnd. and some resistors which are connected to what looks like a transsistor then to an IF can. It looks like the best place to connect to is at the IC. Midwest-Flyer
  9. Hi, I got tired of trying to get the glue out of the way so I opened another rx I had of the same model but different frequency. There was hardly any glue so I was able to trace connetions to pin 12 and found out that it has a ohm reading of 189k between pin 12 and the batt. signal pin but when I checked voltage at the signal pin and gnd I got a 1.3 volt reading that only changed .2 volts when I turned on or off the tx otherwise it stayed a constant 1.3 volts regardless of how far the tx was from the rx. Will this affect how the inspire should be connected? Thanks Midwest-Fl
  10. I still have alot of glue around the pins of the chip and it doesn't come off very well, so it will take a little time so that I can solder to it. I will try to be connected up to the Gecko sometime this weekend. Thanks Midwest-Flyer April 18 I'm still working on removing the glue so I can solder M-F
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