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  1. Yes i have the 470uF cap + facing vRx ( had to pull out to double check my work) Only had 1000uF or 330uF so fitted the 1000 on vRx end and will test tomorrow thanks i missed that. has my FS Attitude goggles got any more filtering in them apart from the module itself of which is the only part im using in this head set project ? what could the RC305 have over the FS Nexwave module to hold static longer on the same monitor screen ? I did not change the tx channels on any Tx's and always fly the same channel 5740, so the FS Diy module is connected all pins to earth as in the seco
  2. Thomas ive setup my goggles with fatshark module and 5 inch screen and 5volt ubec to power the module with 12 volts straight to screen. Im getting blue screen before the static appears now but with my first testing of screen and rc305 RX it would hold static to un viewable picture then blue screen for very short time(split second) then back into picture again....the monitor is know to blue screen but only after extreme static It is worse or even back to front using the fatshark module and fatshark tx I have used the 470uF cap at the monitor end that shouldnt matter ? Also usin
  3. ok thanks have read that So it boils down to the video emphasis, video bandwidth, and audio sub-carriers specifications I got my nexwave module today, just out of interest i pulled the cover off my 5800 Duo V4 and it has the same two modules in it so im guessing as this Duo Rx covers 32 channels that the video emphasis, video bandwidth, and audio sub-carriers specifications are less affected in this RX or might i see lack of quiality over distance using a 32 ch TX with the Duo ?
  4. ok thanks, Can you explain in techno terms where the RX system is different in the fatshark say compared to boscam ? is it video bandwidth or what
  5. Great thanks,have ordered one there are two test circuits I have come across both slightly different Is the Video output cap make any difference if you are feeding a 5" monitor ? can I ground the audio outputs if not used ? the second circuit does not use the bypass cap is this needed ? http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uploads/166660136X982663X10.pdf http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uploads/793538455X103925X59.PDF
  6. thanks for the reply the Tx I like using are the fatshark 250mw and 600mw ImmersionRC http://www.fatshark.com/product/1753.html and the http://www.immersionrc.com/manuals/ImmersionRC%205.8GHz%20600mW%20Tx.pdf
  7. Hi , I want to build a set of DIY FPV goggles and use the fatshark band so I can still use my fatshark goggles for a second person to view perfer the rx to be lite and 8 channels ok, 32 better if that was possible, BUT has to be the correct match on fatshark band not those ones that say eg.5740Ghz then a bottom note that says they may not work on fatshark Tx. and just wonder if for the extra bucks just use the fatshark 5.8Ghz module from Hobby King as they have free shipping and its small and light or is there some thing else I can use ? Cheers Brett Thomas repl
  8. Correct it wasnt my circuit it was the Vcc to the preamp not geting power I ended up using my very first circuit as i didnt want much gain and used a single transistor works great I used BC549 instead of 2n3904
  9. I am having trouble hooking up a pre amp mic to my 1.2 Ghz video TX I have tried LM358 circuit and a commercial 2 transistor pre-champ No luck just lots of video noise Only thing that works is my Gopro live feed into audio input works great but i dont not what is in there circuit to copy it .....what am i missing here cheers brett
  10. fare enough.... Thomas is it possible to start a sticky with basic essentials to get one complete system started as i didnt know i needed the filter and could be a problem now.....can you show me a link to the LC filter size needed and material it user's ? is this usable: https://www.dpcav.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16195&cat=252&page=3 eg, Tx Airwave 6xx regulator to suit( switch mode is best Dimension Engineering) Aerial plug to suit tx capacitors to suit TX if needed LC filter for power supply used etc Rx etc etc just a idea that's all for the beginner
  11. Yes i have ordered a couple of those 3.3v switching reg....normally it is the freight that is the killer but at $1.25 each item it makes for easy buying, my 2x TX and 2x RX from Digital Products were $35 freight, i cant see why they all don't have cheap freight to help sell there products brett
  12. Ok im home alone this weekend and working on my TX633 setup also had a voltage reg kitset i needed to try I got all working fine But the LM317 reg even with heat sink gets untouchable after a couple minutes its set to 3.11 volts and drawing 400ma with reg and TX running from 12 volts Im wanting to leave the system on for hours at a time.... what is my second choice for a regulator, im using a 7.2Ha sealed lead acid to power the complete system Box/board camera 300ma Tx633 + reg 400ma Mic amp ? not much maybe a Rx remote to switch off/on 50ma about Prefer a regulator that i c
  13. Hi Thorn3, i just went for the 633 as it has the most power....for a diy price....(im not flying with this system)But if you know of better/other options please share them as id been keen to look at all there is that will help So what do you think of the LM3904 ??? is 3.5 volts ok for the 633 ? brett
  14. i just received my 633 TX modules and but found this interesting low drop out regulators, LM3940 which is a 3.5 volt 1 amp and wonder if this will do the job for the 633 ....also with the 633 do all the earth pins need to go to earth (GND) as one wire or are they just showing they are internal connected to earth ? Plus with the channel 1,2,3 do they get wired to earth for there individual selection ? (i keep adding questions while you are all asleep) Also what is the best capacitors to use on the TX, can i use electrolytics if i havent got the ceramics that i guess you guys may rec
  15. Thanks Robert and Terry, yes sometimes we make things harder than they need to be and the 317 is simple, I just had to ask just in case there was some other preference the 633 had, terry I did a search before posting and could not find what i needed,i want to use my 1200ma 3s, but i have a dpc-171 camera,mic,633 Tx,regulator and Rc Rx to power up from same supply. just thinking of it sounds like there be power wires going everywhere...... Rob, it will not be SMD as i have another job for it first ( security ) Cheers brett
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