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  1. Hi All, Great to hear that these Airwave modules are working out. Looks like there's some great setups being put together - and cheap! Crash Pilot 1, how is the PTN78000WAS performing? I'm having trouble finding a decent Vreg in Australia. Did you have to order the PTN78000WAS from overseas? Cheers, -TheOtherRob
  2. Cheers, thanks for your help everyone. -TheOtherRob
  3. Hi all, I'm a tad confused about the de facto standard for SMA connectors on video TX/RXs. What specific type of SMA connector does 2.4GHz video gear usually have? There are some cheap dipoles available at the local electronics store, but they're terminated with a 'reverse SMA connector'. Should reverse SMA be avoided for the sake of compatibility? Cheers, -TheOtherRob
  4. Wow! I thought this thread was dead. Hopefully these modules will prove useful for some people. I can confirm (based on the data sheets from Airwave) that the channel is selected by grounding the appropriate pin. cyber-flyer and fallenangel3k, did you guys order from active-robots.com? I presume you haven't recieved them yet, but has their service been good so far? Looking forward to hearing the results! -TheOtherRob
  5. Hi All, I came accross these this morning and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts: http://www.airwave.com.tw/p_2.4ghz.htm I downloaded the datasheets and they're basically bare OEM 2.4GHz video/audio transmitters from 10mW to 500mW. They have no antenna connector or RCA connectors, so it's far from a turnkey system, but they only require need +5v, antenna, line audio, and PAL/NTSC composite video to get going. They are available at what seems like an excellent price: http://www.active-robots.com/products/radi...v-modules.shtml I'm asking because frankly the prices (US$30 for a 500mW transmitter!!!) seem too good to be true. Cheers, -Rob
  6. Cheers, thanks for that. I'll try it anyway, and if it doesn't want to turtleneck, I'll have a go at YB2Normal's ground plane. Thanks again! -Rob
  7. Hello everyone, Just a quick question about 50ohm cables - the secrets of which continue to elude me. I can't seem to make sense of the differences between them... Anyway, I'm looking at constructing the dipole antenna used in the RC-CAM4 project. Would it be possible to substitue RG316 coax for the RG174 specified? What might be the implications of such a change? Cheers, -TheOtherRob
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