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  1. I'm fairly new to Wireless video as I have tested it on a 40 size plane. It's good to keep the transmitter cool. What are ways to mount Transmitters that get HOT?Also, how do we avoid vibration? This is a good place to post what everyone is doing...
  2. I just wanted to see if there was a recommended battery to use and if there was a female I could get for the current male connector to the Tx. I have no problem soldering. So now I’m soldering on Futaba J connectors using (red/black) and then connecting a Futaba 9.6v battery. I’m also soldering 2 male RCA connectors to the Tx. I’ll let you know of my results. Thanks, Aaron
  3. I've just started my first Arial Video project. I just purchased the Black Widow Av 1000mw transmitter. Now I'm trying to connect Power, Audio, and Video to the tiny wires on the transmitter. It calls for 12v and draws 450 mah. What battery do I use and how do I connect the RCA cables (purchased separately) for audio and video? What I see from the transmitter is 4 very small wires and a small white male connector. Help is appreciated
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