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  1. I really like your setup Kilrah, very clean. Good job. The funjet really is an exceptional platform for FPV.
  2. It is a home made CDROM motor. Kit from www.strongrcmotors.com. High temp mag wire from www.gobrushless.com. 10T wye wind. 250W for 21 grams
  3. My first attempt at FPV. This is my third flight. Just taking it easy, getting used to things. Video here:
  4. I bought an SMA-SMA cable to hack apart to build a couple of these antennas. In the plane, does it need to be pointing up or down or doesn't matter? It needs to point up in my installation.
  5. If I may ask, what are the pros/cons of this antenna VS. a 1/2 wave whip?
  6. In my FPV funjet, the main battery powers everything. So far, so good. Waiting on my new rx and video recorder before I can test fly it. I don't want to crash and not even have a video to show for it, LOL. By the way, is interference the reason you use separate batteries, or some other reason?
  7. I know this is an old thread, but the topic is still relevant. I was able to solve my video noise problem with a low pass filter I made. Here is the link: Filter See posts 70-75. The filter goes between the battery and the FPV equipment.
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