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  1. Great.....!!!!! Thanks for your patience and help Mr. RC-CAM.... I guess I will be able to fly now he he he he Jesse
  2. Mr. RC-CAM, This is the signal that I am getting now, is this not the same as the one on post #139 but from the PPM signal? I am looking at 8 pulses and now the rudder and throttle are separated. Jesse
  3. Very Well Mr. RC-CAM, I will check the path then. However, how does the signal should look like? so I can know when the signal is repaired. The Rudder signal is definitely going to the correct place in the board, but just in case I just attached some pictures of it. Thanks Jesse
  4. Mr. RC-CAM, Here is what I have done; I took the pictures again of the PPM signal as well as the signal after the diode array. Still I had the problem of the Rudder and Throttle moving the last pulse. I clean again the board with methanol etc, and I realized that the D3-3 connector was actually not soldered to the board. I solder back the D3-3 and the PPM signal that I got was the fallowing: Now I have an extra pulse, my throttle is now moving the seventh pulse and my rudder moves the eight pulse. So I guess is fixed, right ?? Just in case here is the signal after t
  5. Mr. RC-CAM, All these values where observed in the oscilloscope and the travel adjust and Sub trim values where not zero, I had move them, that will explain the different values. I did checked the Throttle and rudder signals and you are right they were separate they only moved with the right input of rudder or throttle so something must be happening on the board then, any ideas? I can try and replace all the components again or do you have any preference in mind? Thanks Jesse
  6. Mr. RC-CAM, This is the info I got from each of the channels going to the PPM V3 board, the input voltage was 5v. Channel: Pulse width, Period, Amplitude Aux2: 1.8ms, 22ms, 3v Aux1: 1.5ms, 22ms, 3v Gear: 1.8ms, 22ms, 3v Rudd: 1.25ms, 22ms, 3.28v Elev: 1.4ms, 22ms, 3v Aile: 1.4ms, 22ms, 3v Thro: 1.12ms, 22ms, 2.93v The resistance R4 is right, but I still see signal 7 or the last signal on the series move with Rudd and Throttle. I will try the board the way it is with the MK to see if it works. Let me know what you think or what other test should I do. Thanks Jesse
  7. Thanks MR. RC-Cam for the detail information on the waveform I will check that later since I don't have the board with me. I will try using Brashley information, I was just worry about hooking up the motors, but I guess I can try them without the propellers. Thanks Jesse
  8. Thanks Mr. RC-CAM for the fast response I am sure the Rudder channel is on D3-3 and R4 should be installed, I will check the Ohms just in case.. I hope Brashley can give me further help setting properly the DX7. You mention to check the correct waveforms on the Rx inputs, how should they look like? I remember testing the output channels from the AR7000 separately and looking at only one signal per channel. Is this what you mean? Thanks again Jesse
  9. I am having some issues... My 10uF polarized capacitor broke and I replaced it for the ceramic 10uF capacitor and checked the signal on the oscilloscope where I was able to see 7 signals on DX7 Aircraft mode. Now the last signal on the oscilloscope moves when I move the Rudder in the radio, but it also moves when I move the throttle, so they are somehow together in the last signal. Furthermore I am not able to see more than 4 signals on the MK tools. I can only see Elev, Ale, Gear and Aux2 but no signal for my Throttle and Rudder?. When I change to Heli mode on the DX7, channel
  10. Guys, My 10uF capacitor broke from its soldering place when I was putting the heat shrink; it was a Mini Electrolytic 16V 10uf Surface Mount 4MM. I found this other capacitors (Digikey part# 587-1295-1-ND) they are multilayer ceramic capacitors 0805, I don't see in them any polarization mark, can I use them? Thanks Jesse
  11. Mr. RC-Cam Problem solved...!!!! I did what you recommended I added more flux to the diode arrays and reheat them, and this allowed me to see more channels on the Mikrokopter Tools. However I was still not able to see the seventh channel on the oscilloscope. But then, I realized that the DX7 was set to the wrong Heli mode, changing it to the airplane mode allowed me to see the missing channel... he he he he Thanks again Jesse
  12. Hi Guys, I just finished putting together a V3 ppm converter, however I can only see three channels move in the Mikrokopter Tool software. So I decided to check it on an Oscilloscope and here are the pictures I got. It seems to be that I can see only six channels, but actually when I move the inputs of the DX7 controller it seems to be that there are seven, only the voltage for the signal 4 is low. It looks like I am missing a channel in between all the 6 signals. Can someone look at the oscilloscope picture and give me some advice on what is going on? Or how can I trouble shoot the board.
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