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  1. Supposedly my IFOSD board is of later version that puts out 4 volts. I'll double check the wiring again and try different baud rates. Thanks for the helps.
  2. Strangely that's what I have in the OSD already. It still doesn't seem to work. Guess I'll have to stick with the EB85. Thanks for the strings.
  3. Thanks to Thomas, my OSD is fixed! :) Does anybody have the init string for LS20033 GPS unit? Thanks in advance.
  4. ok I guess I screwed up. While trying to measure the voltage across GPS input pins, I accidentally shorted the pins for a fraction of a second. Now even with the EB85A GPS I am not getting anything. The little arrow on the "waiting for 05 satellites" screen doesn't rotate as it used to. And my PC can no longer connect to it either. Does this mean I fried something on the IFOSD? Is repair possible?
  5. I guess my question is, what is an acceptable voltage when measured with no load on volt meter? All pins have 5v output except GPS port have 4.8v, so I suspect this does have a diode. Maybe under load it will be in the 4.2v range? I guess I just need somebody with the same board to measure and see what the no-load voltage is.
  6. I just got a LS20033 but am afraid to plug it in! Is anybody using the tiny LS20033 GPS module on IFOSD? Can you check the voltage for me? I have board version 2.05 so it's supposed to supply 4v for GPS. But when measured with voltmeter it shows 4.8v. Could it be 4v under load? Is this safe for the GPS module? Thanks.
  7. Looks like I have a lot more practice to do. I need to get a foamie to learn how to land FPV. Question on volt1: The power battery connects to the two outer pins (signal and ground), and leave the middle pin unattached correct? Thanks again for all your help Thomas.
  8. I have been using Meters since Thomas mentioned the bug. If GPS has 35m of accuracy on height, then my reading is probably within the normal tolerances. I have not attempted FPV because of this, since I have problem judging the height of plane through goggles. I am going to search for the firmware update per Mr. RC-Cam to see if that helps. I have been trying to avoid LS20033 since it requires 4.2v operation. Using it on my plane would mean a 5v step down voltage converter for the OSD, and another 4.2v one for the GPS. Or can the OSD operate on 4.2v?
  9. ok did a couple more flights this weekend with GPS away from the 500mw TX. Got more satellite counts (between 5 to 10), but altitude is still off. Even right after powered up and satellites were located, the GPS shows negative altitude before plane is flown. I will add a toroid to the wire after I make a longer extension for it. Where can I buy a current sensor for IFOSD? Thanks again for all the help.
  10. Thomas, I did find the options in the ByteInfo.config file: <option name="-12:00">25</option> <option name="-11:30">26</option> <option name="-11:00">27</option> <option name="-10:30">28</option> <option name="-10:00">29</option> <option name="-9:30">30</option> <option name="-9:00">31</option> <option name="-8:30">32</option> <option name="-8:00">33</option> <option name="-7:30">34</option> <option name="-7:00">35</option> <option name="-6:30">36</option> <option name="-6:00">37</option> <option name="-5:30">38</option> <option name="-5:00">39</option> I am not sure what is wrong, or what to fix. But like I said, if it works then it doesn't matter why it works. I know you are not obligated to help, but I do appreciate all the suggestions you have provided thus far. Thanks again.
  11. OK I have relocated the GPS as far as I can. Since the GPS wires are too short, I extended the whole IFOSD unit forward. Now I am getting 9 to 10 sats on the ground compared to 7 before. Ran the motor and it didn't reduce sat count. Will test fly tomorrow. For reference, the GPS was previously mounted on the wing where the "X" letter is. setting the UTC offset to -7:30 certainly fixed the clock problem. It's just odd that I have to set it 30 minutes behind the actual time offset to obtain correct time, since I live in California and we're in -8:00 offset. Not that it matters, it works and that's all I care. GPS does have Etec EB85A on label. I'll have to make an interface cable for the GPS so I can check the firmware. Thanks again for all the help!
  12. Thanks for all the helpful tips! Yes I am running 1.16F, so that rules out the bug. The GPS module is an EB85A. TX is 500mw 900mhz from Range Video, with a -3db antenna that Vova included with the package. GPS is relatively close to the TX, probably 7 inches or so. I didn't extend the distance since I didn't think there was an interference issue. But I will definitely try moving it further away. Can the GPS cable be extended by soldering longer wires to it, or does it require some unobtainium wires? I will also try to fly smooth and straight to see if that helps. We fly at an small field so the plane is constantly turning. I will need to try it at a larger field. One more question. When I place the clock on the screen, it is always off by 30 minutes. I didn't see any time setting in the configuration program, just UTC offset. Where do I go to change the time? Thanks again for all the helps, it's much appreciated! PS. Thomas those are some awesome features. Where did you think up stuff like that? Hopefully you will have it implemented in your future products.
  13. I am totally bummed to hear that Thomas got the short end of the deal. I really like IFOSD for its simplicity and capability, Thomas did a great job designing it. I totally understand Thomas' feeling about supporting users from "the other guy." I would do the same. With that said, maybe some forum members can help me with this. I can't seem to get a good altitude reading on my IFOSD. Most of the time I am getting negative altitudes. It's not the TX interference issue, since I get enough satellites through the flight. Here is the video of my first flight: Also if anybody has a current sensor for the IFOSD they want to sell, please let me know. Thanks!
  14. Now that Thomas is no longer involved with IFOSD, where do we go for support? Does anybody still carry the accessories for it?
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