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  1. Cool! I'll give that a shot and post whatever I find. Thanks a lot.
  2. Greetings all! My name's Brandon and I am with the Operations department at a passenger-carrying airport. We have a number of bird issues, particularly with starlings (nesting in the grass or terminal area) and high-flying hawks. I fly a PZ FW-190 with a brushless/lipo conversion as a hobby, and I have been looking into the idea of using an electric aircraft to chase off high-flying hawks at the airport. FAA literature lists using RC aircraft as a bird deterrent, with some being modified to launch our scare cartridges (loud bottle rockets and M-80-like devices) as audio stimuli. My idea is to mount an extremely loud alarm on the side of the A/C and trigger it using the PZ X-Port button. I've conducted some tests at the local park using the stock Sonic Combat Module with its built-in speaker, and the results have been promising. The speaker itself is fairly loud, but I want to mount something louder like one of those 135-db personal defense beepers. The problem is that I don't know how to proceed. I figure that I have two options: 1. Modify the standard Parkzone combat module to make it louder or 2. Modify a personal defense beeper to be activated by the X-Port. I would like to keep weight to a minimum but if I have to power the beeper by a secondary battery (like a 9v) it shouldn't be too much of an issue; the plane can accelerate straight up. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated...I think it could be a really effective solution but don't know how to approach it, and my electrical engineering knowledge is nonexistent. Thanks in advance... Brandon G.
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