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  1. Interesting. I hadn't read that first thread before. It sounds like one person discovered there were other components between the shutter button and the obvious connector and then gave up. It could still be just one or two lines that need to be toggled. I might try a little investigating myself. If necessary I could use a logic analyzer to monitor the entire connector when pressing the shutter button.
  2. I was thinking of downlinking the video output so I can frame the pictures on a monitor before triggering the camera. My flights usually last at least 20 minutes and I'd have a lot of junk images to wade through if I just let it snap pictures every 3 seconds
  3. I've done the Aiptek 1.3 and it works great. Wanted better quality and picked up a Sony U30 recently. Did the mod on it and it also works great. The Sony image quality is a big improvement over the Aiptek. However, the images do look a little soft compared to what I see coming from the Nikon 3700 and Pentax Optio. I've decided to buy a Nikon Coolpix 3700 next. Has anyone opened up one of these yet? Sure would be nice to have a PIC chip trigger for one of them. If nobody else has opened one yet, I will probably take mine apart anyway to see what can be done.
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