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  1. Today I've got mine calibrated and running. Following the instructions, calibrating is fast and easy. Just thought of another use for this RSSI meter (easy visual indication of strongest signal), useful to locate a downed plane with a directional antenna on the video rx, provided the video tx is still transmitting. As far as installation goes, I think I'll just cover it in heatshrink and velcro it to the rx.
  2. The postman delivered mine today, Wow, that was fast Thomas, considering I'm on the other side of the world! I havent tested it yet. I'll definitely have pic and feedback once its installed on my spare Fox 1.2/1.3GHz video rx. Initially I'll be using it to do some video tx antenna(homemade) comparison tests. Thanks again Thomas.
  3. Yes, I want one. Hopefully the cost of shipping is not too much.
  4. Tested both receivers directly with my 7" LCD monitor, can't see any significant difference.
  5. I got my Oracle video diversity controller a couple of months ago. I have two identical video receivers (Fox?) hooked up to it. These are the 12ch, 1.2Ghz with digital ch readout you can normally get at Innesun, Agepoch or other chinese internet discount houses. I am also using one Goof Proof Patch and one 3dBi whip. I think one video receiver is having problem with the Oracle. Everytime Oracle switches to this rx there is either some noise, banding or dropout in the video. Switching to the other video rx is clean. I have tried numerous adjustment like switching antenna between video rx, switching video outputs, video brightness balancing, doesnt work. Before investing in another rx, is there a way to correct this? Right now I'd rather fly with just a single rx and the GPP than with the Oracle as the video switching is not clean.
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