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  1. Lost power ont the T-rex 600 E helicopter and tried to autorotate home. But its very difficult to estimate when to start slowing down when flying FPV. You dont really know if youre 5 or 25 meters up. At least this time I found the heli.
  2. Thanks for all the help. I´m going to measure the voltage on the GPS module. Already tried to connect the video glasses directly to the OSD, eliminating the video TX. How about the Futaba 2.4GHz? Could it interfere with the GPS? The Blackstork won´t start without the two rc channels connected so I havn´t tried without 2.4GHz tx. Is there any other good OSD on the market? The problem with the Blackstork also seems to be that there is no help to get from the manufacturer or from hobbywireless. /Claes
  3. Been experimenting with FPV the past 6 months but have lost a sailplane and nearly lost a T-Rex 600. Now I bought the Blackstork OSD and mounted it with 2 channels controlling the menus. Everything works fine except that it never gets any GPS information. It just says ´starting GPS´ and keeps counting. Is this a common problem. Tried two different GPS modules but with no luck. Can anybody please help me? /Claes.
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